Sunday, May 17, 2009

I don't know

I have been searching for my USB cord for days and still cannot find it. The one I did find does not fit my camera so I still have no pictures to share.

I was visited by the newlyweds, they are 20 years younger but we had a fun conversation just the same. Then One of them asked me why did I marry my hubby. I said "I don't know." she looked at me and laughed like I said something funny. The two of them had been talking non stop which was fine with me I was entertained but I did not have much to say and after a while I was ready to end the day with them. So when I was asked why I married Todd that I was my immediate response.

The reason I married Todd was because we clicked with days of meeting. I talked and he actually listen to what I said. We had a lot of similar interest that most men do not like in their females.

I love football, not so crazy about baseball or basketball. I love Nascar, I love all the old American made muscles cars and will watch the auction on SPEED TV. I interested in computers and programming but not enough to pursue more than reading a magazine. Most guys do not want to talk sports with females or shall I say most of the men I was meeting at the time. Todd thought all that was cool. I love action drama movies and occasionally a chick flick but I love all the comic book movies and action hero type stuff. and I will watch Sci Fi channel. Love all animation movies and Amine.

When talking to Todd it like talking to a friend who loved the same things that I love and we just clicked. If we had not gotten married we would have been the best of friends and people would have thought we were a couple anyway. Which would cause problems if either of us did get married to someone else and they were insecure. He became an hanging buddy overnight so Why not get married and live a happy life with your best friend.

Which is what I explained after I took the I don't know comment back.

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