Thursday, January 8, 2009

Craft Party @ familyoftwo place!

My friend, S is have a crafting party. Well it was not her intention to have a crafting party it sort of happen when we found out she won a Cricut on ebay.

In her excitement she explained the great deal she was able to get on the price and the additional cartridges. She has been tracking the location as it travels its way closer and closer to PA. Expected arrival Monday.

When she mention on her blog about making magnetic paper dolls for her niece. I thought great I want to do that also. And then I found out her sister was coming to her house on Monday Jan 19, 2009 which happens to be a day off for us I decided that I was coming over as well.

Then S was telling W about the Cricut and I discovered that she wanted to get one and has just been waiting for the right time to get it. So when S explain how I just invited myself over and everything is turning into a crafting party. W just smiled and said " Well I don't invite myself to people's houses I wait for an invite." Then she crossed her legs and waited. S then invited her, like she had a choice!

So the crafting party is on Jan 19, 2009 at S's new apartment. We all are bringing over all our scrapbook papers and great ideals. Drinks , Snacks , Pizza and a Salad and its a crafting party. S is the host and the guests will be A, S's sister, W, and Me. I am sure that since it is a week away we can probably add 2 more people to the list if that is okay with S. This also gives me enough time the think of some snack to make and bring over. I am so excited.

When she told me that someone used the Cricut to make appliques, how? She used Heat and Bond on the back of the fabric and left the paper backing on it and then use the Cricut to cut the shapes out of fabric! So I have 1 week to prep some fabric for appliques as well. They will be embellishments on my crazy quilt.

I have to make sure the camera is ready and with everyone permission I will post pictures!

Since J, S's husband has to work that day his only request is that the craft party should be over by the time he gets home from work.

We're Having a Party! Yahoo!

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familyoftwo98 said...

You're if I had a choice!

By the 19th I will be on we will have to limit the fun snacks and alcohol :(