Monday, December 28, 2009

Back to work.

I have not finish my winter coat as a result I have been going without a coat. Which is much easier than I thought. My car is parked in the garage and I hubby lets me out at the front door to my JOB.

But since it has started snowing, the need for the coat has arisen again because a fleece is not enough when cleaning the driveway.

My Sewing studio has been cleaned bare but not set up to workable conditions. And the coat that I was working on is somewhere in the unorganized closet. I have somethings that need to be finish in the space to make it completely workable.

The fabric which has been stuffed into the wardrobe and taped closed has to be organized and put on storage shelving. I really do not want to store the fabric in plastic bins out of sight means I need more fabric. I need to see the fabric and inspired to create.

I have to then get rid of the wardrobe that the fabric is stored in. My sewing table has to double as a cutting table which will be a challenge because the sewing table height is at least 25 inches high and the cutting table i need to be at least 30 t0 35 inches high big difference.

Since the sewing room was also to be a guest room I have to have space for a futon or day bed to be in the room.

I need to give my home business a real attempt and my sewing room is key to all of this taking place. Plus I need to step up my clothing style and I have always done this by making the clothes myself. Lots to get done. So its time to get back to work.


Just Us... said...

i have an idea actually...

move your computer to your living room--you have the space. get rid of the wardrobe and in its space build an L shaped sewing table and cutting table. if you do it right you can build a swing out for the sewing machine to sit on to sew that folds (or swings) under the cutting table when not in use--thuse you still have room for the futon--though an even better idea is to get an Aerobed...

I can see this in my head, but may need to draw it out for you to make sense :)

Lavon said...

I thought about moving the computer to the living room and I really like the idea of the Aerobed!