Saturday, May 29, 2010

A New Dress!

Recently our family has been dealing with the sudden death of my husband cousin. He did not go to the hospital for regular check ups. He did not like going to the doctor office for any reason. He did when he went into a diabetic coma and his body just shut down. So no one is sure how long he blood sugar was over 500 but finally it was just to much for his body and he died.

My husband who has been diagnose as a diabetic promised that he is going to do everything he is suppose to do to keep everything under control. But I know after a couple weeks that would pass and he would continue down the same path as usual. He was not able to get a whole life insurance policy because his blood sugar was high and unstable.

Today was the day he stop caring and went back to his bad habits. This more his meter read 230. That was first thing in the morning, not having breakfast. He takes his meds with Orange Juice and 3 hours later is suprise when the meter read 200. He took a nap and said he felt much better when he got up 2 hours later and he had baked chicken and rice. I told him to have veggies instead of rice and he refused. 3 hour later check his sugar level and it was 221.

We went to a graduation party and he ate what every he wanted and as much as he wanted and then proceeded to get angry when I reminded him that he was to be taking care of what he ate and drink. He ignored me and decided to continue doing whatever he wanted.

Here is a picture of me and my hubby. It may be the last on I get of me and him!

I made the dress in 2 days to wear for this event because Todd and I were to salsa dance together at the party but he did not do that either.

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Betty Rubble said...

That is a beautiful dress! No comment on your husband though...