Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Oh I have a headache! no I am not done.

Oh wow I have a headache the final fitting was last night, did it fit? Yes it did but, there is always a but. But it does not look right once she has on her dress.

Here is the deal most wedding dress have no sleeves and this one is not exception to that. It is a beautiful dress.

As you can see but she wants sleeves. At the bridal store they told her that she could wear a bolaro style jacket.

But did not want all the lace all over it she just wanted it to be sheer and she wanted to wear it under the dress so that it would look like it was part of the dress.

This should have been easy to do, and now that I think about it I should have taken the jacket right out of my mind but did not. So since October 20 I have been working on a jacket that she could wear under the dress and of course it work perfectly when she did not have the dress on. Once she had the dress on it bunched up and puckered all over the place and did not look flattering in the least.

Last night the night for brain storming because no matter what I it would not work.

I am typing this at work because my computer has no internet at this time. I brought my camera but left the USB cord so I cannot download pictures. In time I will.

So I gave her back her dress and I am making a trip to the fabric store again to buy new fabric just so I can make the lingere type thing that in the style of a shirt she can wear under the dress. The sleeves will the the only thing visible and it will be long enought for her to tuck it into her slip, spanx so that it stays down and snug but still enable her to move without fear of ripping the sheer fabric.

When did this idea come to me. When I was ranting last night about how this is not worth it and how I should have never taken this stupid job and I have to come up with something because her wedding is friday morning at 8:00.

the Hubby says" why not just make a nightgown, yea a sheer nightgown it would be v cut deep in the front so it would not show through dress and you can still make the sleeves fit her and she will be happy. After the wedding all she has to do it take of her dress and hey it on for the two of them. "

I looked at him and he mistook my look for anger and quickly apologized for acting so silly but it was exactly what I needed to hear.

With the jacket it was always coming open and did not have the length to tuck it in. Everytime she moved it pull out and did not stay in place and that is what the problem is more than anything else any way.

So tonight I will be up all night creating this and putting the finishing touches on it and then I can get it to her Wednesday and be done for sure! Which will be ideal! Keep your fingers crossed!

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