Monday, December 13, 2010

Taqueria Mexico City

Well I did not get to go the Mexico City but I did get to meet with my friends at a restaurant called Taqueria Mexico City. The food was good and it was a small little restaurant. Everyone was there by the time I arrived. Betty, Linda, Wendy ( these are their online names). OK I was late.

When I arrived I could see this was really not my style of restaurant and just getting info off the internet and listening to people was not enough. I will do better research next time. I was asked several times how I decided on this restaurant. Linda stated that she will pick the next restaurant.

Betty looked wonderfully pretty and I see Linda on a regular and Wendy look beautiful as usual I was very happy to be with everyone.

The restaurant was small and had nothing great to write about. The pictures on the wall were of sport figures that I did not know. The complimentary chips were small portion but ok to the salsa was a bit spicy I loved it. The waitress came and took our order and went on her way. The service was a bit slow but being with my friends made up for that.

Our conversations were all over the place and often before one would end another would start! It was funny watching Linda and Wendy with their cell phone trying to put in each other phone numbers. Linda always relied on Betty to program her cell phone and so of course Linda had a new phone and needed Betty’s help with it.

As the food was ready the waitress served it. First Linda and then Wendy, then it took a while for Betty and my food to arrive. Linda called it to the attention of the waitress but eventually we all had our food. I enjoy my Giant burrito it had pulled pork in it but there was more rice than meat, and the sauce was spicy! I liked it. Linda has taco and Wendy and Betty had Steak Fatjia’s

We were to meet at 12:30 and we left the restaurant at 2:30 and it is our plan together in 6 months.

Our time together was short but it was so much fun.

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Betty Rubble said...

I had such a blast. I can't wait to do it again!