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Time flies.......

It is just amazing when I take the time to look at my blog all the stuff that has happen since May 31st. It is too much to tell so I am just going to make it short as possible.

My Sister’s cancer is gone as of now. All testing show that the chemo did its job and since she has the surgery done there is no need for radiation! She is not in the process of getting the tissue expander fill a little every two weeks to get to the size she wants. Then sometime in November she will have the implants put into place.

My cousin Brenda King died. This was stunning to us all she was planning a party for everyone who has helped her to deal with her illness. She went to fashion desgin school and because of her I had experienced what it was to be a model and then what it was to run a fashion runway! I love her very much.

Pap pap died, He fell and hit his head which caused bleeding in his brain and that was and still is heartbreaking and so is living day to day without him. Todd himself day that the funeral was hard but living without him to talk to is even harder.

Pap house was left to his son so we will be moving in. We gave our notice to our landlord and so September we will be out of there and into our new home.

I am working hard to make the house feel like our home and it is taking some time because of over 40 years of stuff in the house. So with cleaning and taking the time to figure out what need to be thrown away in both house it is difficult because I can do something with everything. I do not want to be on an episode of hoarders so I will be getting rid of a lot of stuff! (sigh!)

I still have not found my camera so I will have to buy a new one but I will keep posting as much as I can.

First room to truly complete, Sewing room. This house is a 3 bedroom cottage style house with and addition in the back that is now the game room. We cleared the 3rd bedroom out ( smallest of all the bedrooms) and Sunday I painted it , the color is a Berkley Tan. I will paint the framing of the window and door and milk chocolate brown and pale blue is the other color that will be in the room. I think this will be the colors for the whole house so it will seems coordinated to some degree.

I am sore and tomorrow I will be even stiffer but tonight I go to the old place and clear out the kitchen cabinets and the bathroom and pack up most if not all the stuff in the sewing room. It would take about 90 minutes and then Tuesday I will be cleaning the kitchen cabinet of the new place and restocking it with the pot and pans that I will be keeping. Wednesday moving the sewing room in the new place. That leaves the bedroom, basement, attic for the long weekend.

I know it will not be done that quickly but who knows maybe.


Anonymous said…
Asking for help is an option too...
Anonymous said…
camera available ... fs/ky
Anonymous said…
very proud of L sharing these touching moments of life present and past

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