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Blue in need of Yellow and Red


In about 8 months I will be 50 years old. I never really paid too much attention to my age.
As long as I am able to do what I enjoy age is really not a factor. However lately I have had a lot of doctor appointments.

This increase in appointments started with the feeling of something was in my throat all the time. I cough to clear my throat, I took allergy medicine thinking of sinus drainage causing the problem but after 3 weeks decided to go to see the doctor.

This appointment lead to a series of appointments for testing and then appointments to get results of testing only to make new appointments for additional testing.. Results of all this testing a node on my thyroid was found and new treatment for my GERD.

Prilosec every morning and zantac 1 hour after last meal of the day. After about 8 days the feeling in my throat was gone. I continue that routine everyday.

When they did a CT scan on my throat to see if something was there, because I kept insisting that there was something in my throat, they discovered the node on my thyroid.

The node on my thyroid needed a biopsy. The doctor put the numbing medicine on my neck and then said “ big pinch” If I am numb no pinch should I feel. Then the needle is injected into the node and then the doctor moves the needle back and forth quickly several times, which hurts! He removes the needle and leaves the room only to return with a new needle to repeat the process. 3 times this is done and then I am given gauze to hold on my neck with some pressure to stop bleeding and prevent bruising.

I had to have this appointment 2 times because the first biopsy testing results were non conclusive! The biopsy that was just completed friday, I should have results by time of next doctors appointment in December.

2 Weeks ago I had a resurgence of my asthma coughing until I could not breathe. I got a refill on my inhaler and this did help but the coughing will not stop. I have a doctors appointment December for this as well.

Last week I started seeing flashes of light that were not part of a migraine headache so I made an appointment to see the doctor.

After 2 hours of testing it was explained to me that the gel that fills the eye is separating from the wall of the eye. It usually happens when you are older but because my eyes are so bad it would happen to me earlier in life. When we are younger in are teens and twenty the gel in our eyes is the consistency of Jello and this gets softer as we get older and pulls away from the wall of the eye. The retina is the wallpaper of the eye and it is important that it does not get any damage to it (tear) if this happens then laser surgery is needed to save the vision in the eye. So I am no allow to do anything stressful such as lifting, exercising and no quick of jerking movement to my head. I am to go back in 4 weeks to check the eye to make sure no damage has been done to the retina. If I see an increase in the flashes of light or feel like a curtian is covering part of my eye I am to go the the Emergency Department right away!

I had to go back to the office and continue working with all this information in my head.

Today I just sat still all day long. Well I did clean up some stuff but really I am just fighting the blues. I hate feeling this way. I got up this morning and got dress and then sat on the sofa for the 8 hours and then I WAS forced the leave the house for an hour and then I sat on the sofa for the rest of time evening. If the laptop would not have been near I would not have written this.

I have sewing to complete, I have drawing to complete, I have journal that needs to be done but I am not feeling like doing anything.

I hope that tomorrow I will put some yellow and green on the blues and my determination will return so that I can continue my efforts to be Fifty and Fine.


Anonymous said…
Had you attending Isaac's baptism as planned you would have seen some joy that is for sure!

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