Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Working hard with much determination

I am very determine to open my online store with enough item so that I do not open it and sell the one item and them close it all in the same day.   Silly thought, pretty good nightmare.   I am still deciding what I will put in my store.  Most will be handmade by me and some items will be  up cycled. 

One of the items that I have been working on that will be in my online store are  Satin Sleep Caps…. I have made some along with a travel bag to store them in .  I really like the way they look and I am sure I should bring enough money to finally get my computer.   Well that is the short term goal at this point.   I started making these when my hairdresser asked If I could make some so that when a client is finished late in the day she would have them in stock to sell.    That sent me to my sewing machine.

I took apart an sleep cap that I purchase at the store and decided to use it as a pattern for the satin sleep caps that I make.  I want to make some much bigger for the times when you have rollers in your hair or when you have  hair extensions . 

My mistake was thinking I could make them out of scraps of satin fabrics that I have use to make  slips, whole and half; tap pants and camisoles but the size of the caps makes this impossible unless it is a  satin sleep cap made from strips of fabric that have been pieced together.  Hum  that could work also. 

I just created a drawstring pouch because it was simple and the fabric looks rich….   I used the fabric to make a dress for my anniversary and I had enough left over to make some of the pouches.    I would like the continue to make the pouches in the same manner with the black fabric and the color of the cap used as a strip on the pouch. 

Sometimes despite having a lot to accomplish I cannot get myself motivated so I took the time to do something that I do not have to think too deeply about.   I cut  up old Jeans into strips to make a quilt.  Our bed is a queen-sized however the  denim coverlet will be king size so it will hang over the side so no need for a dust ruffle. It should be nice and heavy and there nice a warm…  toasty.


This will keep me sewing even when I do not feel like thinking about sewing.  If I stop oh boy  sometimes that could lead to weeks, months, years of inactivity.

I wonder how many items I need when I open an Online store.  I do not except people to see my item and they become the must have item. But how much is not enough?

My other projects include crocheting a baby blanket.  This is taking much longer than it should because I have never crochet with 4 ball of yard at the same time.  When I saw the pattern I thought “ I can do that”  well when I started the baby was due now he is 2 months old. Tsk tsk…..

I have an idea for a collage.  My little designer had a fashion show and I want to make  a college of her working at the sewing machine.

I saw a picture of a grey dress by Billy Reid.  I fell in love with that dress so I decided that would make my own rendition of it.    I sketched it with a little red triangle at the hem and I will make a red belt.   I have some nice red heels that will look fab with it.   So excited.

This is my ideal of the dress!   

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