Friday, February 26, 2016

Monthly Challenge.... Inspiration Cards

Good Day,

A Cowork recently asked my why i start my emails and other internal messages with Good day.

I have been doing that for YEARS... i really do know when i started doing this but it makes me feel good to start my messages with Good day.  Maybe by saying it so much it will actually be a good day.

The monthly challenge  in the Journal workshop was inspiration cards.

I want to inspire and be inspired and try to keep that ourlook so creating these cards will be a help.

While having dinner with my sister and her family they start conversation by telling about Roses and Thorns.  The good part of the day are the Roses of course and the bad part of the day are Thorns. 

Celebrate What make the day beautiful!  I really like this card 

Endure the trouble the may happen.  Well i guess it should say that will happen because there is alway some kind of trouble we face every day.  With the right attitude we make it through. 

Thrive.... when i close my eye and think on the word thrive.. BLOOM, DEVELOPE, FLOURISH, GROW, PROSPER, SHINE, ADVANCE, INCREASE, PROGRESS, RISE, RADIATE.
It is hard to put that all on a card so be prepared to see more cards with these words.  

Determination.  Ever see a plant grow through ashpalt in a parking lot.  That is what i mean by determination. 

Turmoil Resistant...  Ha !   At work we had a conversation about the different between resistant and proof.  The cell phone is to be water resistant not waterproof.  Downtime for the first time this year!   So with that conversation in mind I thought what do we all want to be  ...  Trouble free or Turmoil proof  when all we can hope for is be to Turmoil Resistant.

Right now these cards on are my cube wall.  Great conversation starters.  Love it. 

Have a great day everyone. 


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