Friday, March 27, 2009

Quilt finished!

I have pictures of the unfinished quilt but I forgot to take pictures of the finish project.

Betty and her sisters are planning a anniversary party for their parents and this picture quilt is a present from Betty.

I remember her finding the picture putting the images on fabric and getting everything pieced together. This was to be a birthday gift for her mother but when everything was put together it did not look right and she was so disappointed.

The block themselves looked find it was the framing of the blocks that threw everything off. The green sashing was sew on all four sides of the blocks and since the blocks were not squared off some the block was not attached to the sashing. Basically the blocks need to be trimmed and squared to size before sashing was added.

So as stated in the previous blog I took on the job for my friend. So at 3:00 am I was finally finish. I have it with me at work and as I look at it I am happy with the work I did but I also see where it could have been better. When you are working on something everyday for 14 days straight it is amazing how much you can miss. I hope Betty will not be disappointed.

My hubby loves it and wants me to make one for him with pictures of our family. I will do that but first I have to get the money makers done. 1 pair of work pants for brother in law 4 pairs of pants for auntie, 1 jogging suit for a customer and 3 dresses for a different customers. This will put about 60 dollars in my pocket.

Drinking coffee so the sleepiness has not caught up with me yet.

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Betty Rubble said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It is PERFECT (well the parts you did are perfect, the ones I did...well not so much :) But its wonderful! Thank you again for everything!

Enjoy the new ride you are about to embark on and remember to stop by Bedrock once in awhile!