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Life in a Scheduling Room

It has been some time since I felt it necessary to say anything about my job.  However this is something that i need to address at this time. 

My work associates range in ages and this diversity helps our department funtion in an ackward yet somewhat effective way.

  One coworker who is very verbal about everything that goes wrong.  You know when she is not well because she is quiet and there are times when she is very focus on what she is doing and if that concentration is broken so is her silence.  For the most part this does not bother me except when she takes me out of my zone and then my work rhythm is interrupted.   I am sure i am guilty of doing the same to her i think everyone does. 

Then there is next coworker a beautiful young lady that gives the impression of being younger than she actually is and so I have a tendency to feel like  need  to protect her.  That is something I had to stop doing it was not needed and i hope I did not offend her.  Her method working is not as productive as i would like it to be but i am not the one who sets the standards.

Then there is the veteran  she has worked there long time in different  departments.  She has given me many helpful tips in keeping the work off my desk.  however she does take a lot of shortcuts and often change processes to her advantage.  I hope the changes we put in writing will help to stop this from happening. 

I like the work environment there and i will really miss it but it time for me to go.  

Today I sent a email to my supervisor and her boss regarding the young beauty because she is often sleeping at her desk.  I have brought this to my supervisor attention and i guess she talked to her but i am not certain.  Then i went to her boss and reported the same.  She did talk to her because the my the young one told us so.  She never said if she knew it was me that told she just said she needs to be more careful and she was alert for a couple DAYS  and she was back at it. 

Well the veteran and the talker cant stand the sleeping, the lack of accountability, and general lazy way of working that young one displays everyday.  This does bother me but what bother me the most is her sleeping.   I can't say i am completely alert all the time but i know i am not sleeping at my desk.  There are time when the young one does not know what someone is sayingto her because she is just waking, and it has to be difficult to wake upand be capable to do the job.

I feel bad but i am tired of the childishness and the lack of anyone wanting to make clear stand so I made my position clear in writing.  My email was clear but not vindictive  I hope I can deal with the trama this is bound to cause.


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