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S Sew Together Session  May 27, 28!

It's great when you are with friends of like mind who love the same things you do.  Well this weekend time to capitalize on that idea.

Time to Sew Together!!

I sent out the invites actually it was a series of text and phone calls and created a buzz for myself that is very uplifting!  I am so excited. 

The way I have envision this;  everyone will come over about 6 to 7 people and bring what ever project they are working on and sew in the same room together.  I just love this idea!   

JN is going to make a apron for her make up job.  She was asked to do the make for the  brothers who will be on screen at our Regional Convention!  I am so happy for her.  
AA will be making curtains she is getting things ready  for her redecorating month. She said for us not to look for her in June because that is the time she set aside to redecorate her house and curtains are a big part of it.  

DK I think she will be working on dresses.    I could just scream with excitement.

I have invited some that may just sit about a watch and learn.   

The Sew Together is a free session and a great way to  showcase other aspect of the business that will take off!

Love to demonstrate how the Sip and Sew will take place.  Unique to me I can set up at the person home who will host the Sip and Sew.  I feel that is a good direction to go into.  People are comfortable at home or at a friends house.  I have no venue to host these right now and this is my DIY  solution for these events.   Right now I am using my old sewing machines and soon I hope to have 4 new sewing machines to be used for these parties.

The sewing classes will take place at my house since it will be held in a series of three classes two weeks apart.  Oh... the prospect of sharing this gift with others makes me smile all the time.

Meanwhile..  I need to sew everyday. I was recently subscribed to the you tube channel of Brittany J Jones.  Sew 30 methodology is working for me.  30 minutes a day every day is exactly what I needed to get me going.   As a results I have been hard at work on

This dress pattern has been  laid out and ready for sew for approx 1 year.  I remember when I laid it out I was distress because every time  I use this pattern I do not like the result. So the finished items is use  as a house dress or pajamas. On the Pattern is says  to use knit fabric and I decided to disregard that and use a beautiful satin print fabric.  Then i was afraid that it was the wrong thing to do but it was too late it was already cut out. 

 I did not want to throw it away so it just sat in the project box.  I finally completed it and it is wonderful.  I changed the neckline a bit and I am so happy with it.  Of course the fabric has a lot to do with that.  A bit too short but that is what leggings are for! 

I realize of the dress the only part that truly needs that stretch of the knit is the cuff band.    So with the knowledge I will use this pattern again and make the necessary adjustment to the cuff. 

i have lots more to share.  

Talk to you soon  Remember to Learn something new everyday and then teach it to someone else! 



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