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Sew Perfect 4 Every Body
Goals vs Dreams
A conversation over Tea

Hello ,

If you read this blog at all you know it has been almost a year since I have posted anything.
Like so many things with me a lot of unfinished
I keep putting off the things in my life that I love .  I thought that i was trying hard to stop the trait but I
come to realize that is not so. I am my biggest obstacle. What is really bad is when I get the courage to
share something that i really want to do if that person makes the slightest  discouraging comment,
I am like what am i thinking.
I am not really sure why that is.   Recently my husband had a problem with is knee it was swollen and painful.
 We go to the urgent care and then to the Emergency room next thing I know he is admitted to the hospital
and needs surgery to clean out an septic infection.  He would need to be 6 weeks off work.
He was top on my mind of course but the bills were like a animal crouching to devour us.
How to conquer that beast.  
I was looking a working at home options as a way to supplement my income so
that we do not end up homeless.  Everyone I spoke with thought this was a great idea.
I was not convinced that it was . But when i explained that I have skills that can earn money
everyone i spoke with was not as sure about this option.  Which is strange considering everyone of them
has had some custom dress, skirt, shirt, coat made my me for them and they loved it unless they are all liars.
Result is that I have decided to self promote my sewing business once again and make it work.
 I am determined to break the trait of self defeating attitudes. Please understand that is decision is one
that i have been playing around with for sometime.   I needed to have my own business and at one point i
decided it did not matter what kind of business. That was wrong I need to own a business that I love what I am

Sew Perfect 4 Every Body
Opened an instagram page.  Posted pictures of repairs and alteration .  Then posted pictures of UFO..and
completed them .   Posted project from prepping fabric, pattern tracing and progress pictures.   
People often give my their clothes that they no longer want and i used to keep these items for myself
well  I started posting these items to sell on ebay. Yesterday I got a email from someone who
wants me to custom make a dress for them.   I end my work day and come home to dinner that i either
already prepared or that Todd has prepared for me and then I am in my sewing studio sewing and being
happy and content.  This is the way a second job should be, actually this is the way a job should be. You
should enjoy your work and find pleasure in it. So that is what I am going to do.

One day my sister said something that i took to heart.  We were talking about people poor choices in
clothing for their body type.  She said “ When i see something that is shocking to me I just figure
she has the confidence to do something i don”t “   I have embrace this now when someone give me
that skeptical look, or says something discouraging I think “ I have the confidence to do something
that they don’t.”   This has gotten me going and I will have to find the determination to keep it going.

Goals and Dream

Goals and Dream should not be in competition with each other.  They should fuel each other.
Goals achieve means Dreams are realized.    I have a list of my dreams.
  1. Stress free… i know that life can be stressful at time but these stressful things are things that you cannot control.  What i can control is identifying what i can do and then do it.
  2. Live comfortably..I don't need the best of everything i need the things that help me to be happy and comfortable and content.
  3. Feeling energy.. I just want to be able to love waking in the morning and be inspired all day long and have the time to recharge when necessary
  4. Pain free…  physical pain emotional pain  need to be gone. I want to run, walk , live without limping
  5. Healthy and strong
  6. Work i love
  7. Strong relationship with husband, family and God.
  8. Earn enough money.  I just want to be able to purchase what i need without feeling i need to give up something else to do so.
  9. Make people feel good  When i smile sometimes i and get a smile in return and I hope that person who return the smile feel a little bit better than before.
  10. Full time pioneer  Best life ever
My list of Goals..
  • Run a successful seamstress business …  one day this should be the only work I do.  
  • Saving account with enough money to carry thru the tough time  like when your husband is off work for 6 weeks.
  • Regular clients  .. it would be wonderful if i had clients that when something something special is coming up they call me for the special dress!  
  • A work studio and dressing room for  my clients
  • Employees… a small staff of people for when my eyesight goes bad.
  • Sewing classes so i can help people to know the joy of making clothes themselves.
I am sure the list could go on but it is way past my bedtime and i really did not expect this conversation the last this long.   Thanks for listening my next post should be the newsletter that I will create to for new sewing students!
Learn something new everyday.



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