Monday, November 26, 2007


I have never been devoted to any television program. I am loyal to some and other I care less about. But even the shows that I watch loyally can be dismissed without a second thought. But I am devoted to Project Runway.

This show starts out with 15 designers’ ends with 3 who will design 12 outfits for a Fashion show at Bryant Park in NYC. The judges, Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, Heidi Klum ( who is also the host of the show ) And a guest judge which changes each episode. And we must not forget TIM! I love the way he talks.

So far 2 episodes in and I can’t wait for the next one. I know I have watched these 2 episodes at least 6 times (Thanks to BRAVO TV) and each time I see something a little different.

I have been a seamstress of sorts for over 20 years. However any photos of past accomplishments were lost in a fire of the family home several years ago. I have contacted several people that I have made gowns for in the past in the hope of rebuilding my photo album.

I am reminded and inspired to start again! I do not want to become a rich person from the garments, quilts, soft furnishing, curtains and such that I make. I just want to be the best I can be. Accomplished!

While watching the show I watch how the constants construct the garments. How true the actual garments is to the sketch drawn. How they convey ideas into an article of clothing. How to pitch your design to an up and coming fashion icon.

I actually have a note book with me and make notes as I go along. This notebook will end up getting lost in the sea of notebooks that I have. Notebooks, with dates I constructed something for myself and what adjustments I had to make for it to look right. Notebooks, of things that I actually gave up and because I fixed them too much. Once it was a gown but the hem was not straight. So I cut it so straighten it but it still was not straight, so I cut it again, and again soon it was a mini dress that just looks horrible because it was meant to be a gown. Or a jacket pocket whose welt is not quite right so the fix it meant now it had patch pockets. Notebooks, with designs drawn to perfection but wrong fabric used to complete the look. I keep them all and look at them from time to time and remind myself what I should do and what I should not do.

While watching the show you have the people whose attitude you just cannot stand but give them there props when it comes to the art work. So far Christian is all talk he is so annoying. He either needs to truly produce something that knocks the wind out of us or just shut up.

I love Romi’s work. The gown is simple beautiful. It looks like it would feel like a goddess to wear that dress.

Elisa and Sweet Pea should have won the second challenge. It looked like something you would find in Steve and Barry’s.

Victorya’s dress and vest, I don’t know they did not look right together to me. But Hey I’m not going to wear it

Simone was the first to go. Loved the color combo and actually if I would have been the judge Elisa would have gone. But She did complete the one seam garment beautifully. Even if it was a bit on the heavy side about it showed more skill.

Marion was the second to go. What happen to him has happen to me before. It was a beautiful knit mini. I hung it up and just over night it had stretched to a skirt that was mid calf. And you could see through it. Simply amazing what the wrong fabric will do.

Anywho, I am waiting to the 3rd espisode and taking note of it all as I continue in my endeavor to MAKE IT WORK!