Friday, December 14, 2007

what looks like crazy on an ordinary day.

I got up showered and dressed no time for exercises I had to make a mad dash to the bank to avoid a 33.00 overdraft charge on .78! This will be my morning exercise. Its raining! Cold rain did not make this enjoyable exercise in anyway. I couldnt find the 5.00 bill and you can't or shouldn't deposit coins so I deposited 1.00. Just as I completed that that called me to see where I was. By the time I explained where I was and that I was trying to get my bus to get to work on time. I looked up to watch that same bus drive away before I got to the bus stop.

I told him that he need to come and take me to the busway. Why? Because if I have not been talking to him I could have made it on time. It is impossible to carry my bag, put away the atm card and carrying an umbrella and run to a bus stop at the same time. TAG came along and drove me to the busway.

I hate the busway. Lots of people crowded under a shelter that is way too small. Only to climb on a bus the does not have enough seating and barely any standing room. When you cram a lot of people with wet coats and hair in a small space the smell can really knock you out. This day was no exception! Relief as I climbed out of the bus on to the cold wet rainy street.

Made it to my office 20 minutes before starting time. 2of3 was already there as usual. "Guess who call off!" The beast strikes again. We discussed this for a little bit and the problems she caused. She should have gone to the Dr last week when we still had some sympathy for her.

Like any other ordinary day I went to get a bagel at the deli counter. Back in my office logged on to the phone and started putting Jelly on the bagel which is alittle different because it is usually just butter. Then 2 of 3 says " I think I am having a heart attack." I could not see her face but something in her voice let me know she was serious. She comes out of her office and stands in the hallway with her fingertips tapping on her chest. The phone rings I answer and make the appointment. She tries to dismiss it but the pressure on her chest has her worried as it would anyone. She googles Heart attack symptoms and relaxes at bit when they do not match everything she is feeling. Still she feels that something is not right, She feels like she is dying. The phone rings which is getting annoying. I know that the job but it is interferring with life right now.

Okay, who do I call, what do I do, how can i help her. First she need to keep calm. The phone rings She answers and make the appointment. Well what happens next is that 2 of 3 calls Nurse Betty. First she tells her she is probably coming down with a chest cold and she doubts that it is an heart attack. Since these feelings continue to get worst Nurse Betty finally comes from the clinical floor with a bp cuff and proceeds to examine her. The phone rings. "log off " I tell her and I continue answering the phone and making appointments. Her bp is up a little but Nurse Betty says its not a heart attack it's an anxiety attack. I am answering the phone and make appointments while the discussion continues in the office next door. 2 of 3 keeps saying she feels like she is dying and then she starts to feel shaking all over her body. She is breathing a little harder but not wheezing. She continues to self diagnois with the aid of google. Which really upsets her more. Nurse Betty calls around to see who has any adavan, valium, anything calming. The phone continue ringing and I continue answering the phone and making appointments. ( why are these people calling here!).

Finally 2 of 3 gets intouch with her Dr who calls in a rx for her and tells her if the symptoms get worst go directly to ER. Nurse Betty feeling that 2 of 3 is not dying goes back to clinical office to finish work up there.

Finally the calls stop coming so frequently and we try to discuss where these feeling are coming from. During lunch 2 of 3 picks up the medicine she feels better for a while but then the pressure on her chest comes back again. She refuses to take the medicine at first but then she does and she feels more relaxed. "my toes are numb!" She laughs and finishs out the day.

Please note the while this was going on The big boss lady comes in the office and sees Nurse Betty with the bp cuff and just looks but continues into her office like it just an ordinary day. The little boss lady is more concern with lunch times since the Beast is not here that day. When 2 of 3 tells the little boss lady that she has to leave early tomorrow for a dr's appointment considering all that happen to her today. Little boss lady says that depends on if the Beast shows up for work tomorrow.

Today, I got up, did my exercises, showered and dressed. Thankfully it was not raining. I looked at the clock my bus will be here in 10 minutes. I start to leave and TAG is opening the garage door so i decide to leave the house by that exit. I run down the stairs. Give him a hug and kiss. Run down the driveway and down the cury street and make it to the city steps just in time to see my bus drive away from the bus stop before my arrival. So I catch the downtown express which comes about 5 minutes after I missed my bus. I got off the bus at the busway and waited for the EBO to take me to work. I actually got a seat on the bus this time. Arrived at work with 15 minutes before start time. So I went to the caf and got a bagel and yogurt and made my way to my office. 2of3 was already there as usual. " Guess who's not coming to work today!" The beast strikes again on just another ordinary day.

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2-of-3 said...

You're not rid of me yet...maybe next year!

The beast huh...I much prefer Buddah or my personal favorite...Crazy Co-Worker :)