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Family Traditions

Every family have traditions. Some revolve around pagan holidays or worldy traditions and some happen by accident.

One year for what ever the reason we all found ourselves over my cousin/Aunt Polly's house, since we were all together and everyone was off from work or school the next day some one suggested " lets watch movies all night".

Who knows, it could have been a challenge to see who could hang (stay up all night) and then go out in Field service the next morning. So we went out and rented movies and stayed up all night watching movies and eating snacks.

The next morning, Bridget would get up and go out in field service the next morning, of course she is one of the first to fall asleep.

Those of us who did stay up all night continued watching movies into the next day and then would go home around 3:00 or 4:oo to sleep because we had to work in the tomorrow.

We have been doing this for at least 20+ years and none of us can remember what started this family tradition. None of us are ready to give it up either.

We are much older and often look for more comfortable ways of laying around watching movies. Thick workout mats, air mattresses any thing that would make watching the movies more comfortable.

Through the year we have had several children added to the family. Latisha was about 8 or 9 when we started. She the first grand baby in the family then came nashawna, she is now in College, then Jazimine, Jaylssa they are young teenagers this year and then Taylor and Taian have join this family tradition. Oh Yeah, this tradition is only for the girls. We also have adopted people into our family who have participated in our family movie night. Felicia, Terri, both of whom are not here this year. Felicia dropped out long time ago. Terri was in Italy otherwise she would have been here. Danita, Atina, and Drena came one time but never show up again. Charmine join our family about 8 years ago and she has been apart of the family every since and she keeps with the family tradition faithfully. She is the only one who ever brought a male to our movie night but it's okay he was nursing at the time. Jayden is the only male to come to movie night. I don't remember her bringing Little Lee or Keelyn to movie night. But I know Jayden was there overnight. Stacey lives in seattle, she acts like that is an out. She come some time but she had missed quite a few. Brenda's illness prevented her from coming this year otherwise she would have been her as well. Domonique claims to keep forgetting when it is. She claims that she will be there next year, we will see.

We are getting older and it's funny watching after sitting on the floor watching a movie getting up is funny. We are all a little unstable and those who are near one of us as we get up and ready to lend a helping had rather the feel the weight of a sister falling on us.

I say all this becasue these are fun times we laugh and talk and if we have seen the movie before we talk a little more. Sometime we get snappy with family and usually there is not reason for it. But we love each other and soon that is over and forgotten.

Debbie and I are usually the one who survive all night long and into part of the next day. That has even changed a little this year.

So continuing our family tradition we are at movie night. We scream and jumped during "Disturbia". Most feel asleep while the rest of us tried the figure out what "Catch and release" was about. Laughed during "Surf's up". Suprise how good "Man of the Year" actually was.
For one reason even though we watch a lot more movies i can't remember them.

Anyhow I plan to have next year off so I can be more involved in the planning of everything. The cake decorated like a box of popcorn was fantastic.

I love my family traditions.


Anonymous said…
Oh boy...Budda is going to be off the day before...WC and I off the day after...yikes. Good luck w/that one!

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