Thursday, December 27, 2007

Check your facts and step right

I am usually a calm person. I take a lot and say nothing. One thing that will always get me going is when you question my integrity. If you do that you better come correct.

I take pride in my ability to do the job assigned to me whether I like it or not. I do not love this job but I know I can do it and I do my best.

Today Buddha got an email from S. asking why no one was there to answer the phone on Friday December 21 @ 3:30. A call went to overflow and the overflow person ending up making the appointment for us. This was prompted by Rob who sent the question to S.

Now we all were at work and on the phones Friday. There were no overflow calls. So she responded that we all were on the phone and did not leave until it was our scheduled time to leave.

Monday December 24, Dr C gave us the all clear at 1:00.

Buddha checked through her email messages and said that there was an over flow for Monday at 3:30 not on Friday and that Rob had the wrong date.

Dr C, then call Rob and reminded him that she had told him that she gave us permission to leave on Monday at 1:00. It made no sense to have people sitting around waiting on calls that were not coming in. She stay until 3:00 and there was nothing going on so she left as well.

Dr C came in to our office explain that she had taken care of it and she herself stated that Rob needed to check his facts before he accuse anyone in the department of any wrong doing. She also explained that she feels they want us to fail so they and merge Peds ENT with General ENT which is crazy. Some people come to us because they have been going to a general ENT and they refer to a Children’s Hospital specialist. Also Children’s hospital is known for specializing in children. The majority of Dr’s here deal with children everyday and I can guarantee they see things that a general ENT Dr would not encounter every day or week or month.

I am offended that he should question that we would bail on the job when we did not have permission to do so. He should not let his private agenda alienate himself from us because as I see it he will need us more than he wants to admit. If changes come about and we have to deal directly with him I will not be intimidated. I will leave with no other job waiting for me but I will not work with and idiot who does not get his facts straight before he goes around accusing people of some wrongdoing!

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