Monday, February 4, 2008


Okay, I hate days that start like this. I woke up on time. Which I did not think would happen because I went to bed so late. Before I knew it was 3:00 in the morning. I was at the bus stop on time. My co-riders were also at the bus stop on time. However the Bus driver decided that, that time was not the correct time and came 20 minutes later. This does not bother me so much. So instead of arriving at 8:30 like I usually do I got here at 8:59. Still on time so this does not bother me. I clocked in right away came into the hallway where the offices are located and 2 of 3 is not here! OMG!!!! I WAS TO BE HERE AT 8:00 AM!!!! I forgot. I hate this! I came into my office and someone had the changed the temp to 40 degrees! It was colder in here than it was outside! I hate this!

I was on the phones so fast! I was expecting it to ring as soon as I log on. But it did not! About 2 minutes later it rang! Okay. Then I checked my email 8 OVERFLOW calls. It’s Monday I expected 16 overflows calls. But 8 not bad! 1 of 3 came in on time and could not wait to tell me how sick she was. I really do not want to hear about it! I count myself fortunate that there were not more overflows and that this is a weird Monday because the phones are not ringing off the hook.

I sent and email to Big boss lady and supervisor lady so that they were aware of what happened to day in the event that my not being there at 8:00 causes a problem. This way they aware that 2 of 3 did tell me she would not be here and it is totally my fault.

How did I forget? I was rearranging my office/sewing /guest room trying to find a proper place for everything. A futile exercise at best considering I have nothing to store everything. So my date book was not open showing all the things that I needed to complete that day. I am not sure exactly were the date book is located. My sisters came over to watch the super bowl game. In my determination to sick with my eating plan. There was fresh vegetables and dip, a baked chicken, and giant salad of iceberg lettuce, carrots, green, red, and yellow peppers, hard boiled eggs, and seasoned croutons. My other sister brought and spiral baked ham. She made the ham in a roaster that she had borrowed from me and decided the only way I was getting it back was to prepare and ham and bring it to me and leave me with all the left over ham and a dirty roaster.

Taylor and Taian came over as well. We got our crafting stuff out and made some stuff Taylor made a pencil jar and Tai made a gift box. We got on the computer and played games. I was tired before they were ready to leave so Old Auntie just sat and watched them play as I watched the game. I took their measurement so I can make some of the designs they created for me. I will make the necessary modification to the clothing so it will be wearable. I am creating a new scrap book. For every drawing there will be a picture of the complete outfit as they wear it.

Give me a minute to read what I wrote because I know I got off the subject I was talking about. ……………………Oh right. I also hate that since the office was below freezing when I got in there I am now sick. I have been sneezing and I cannot get warm. The ultimate thing that I hate is 1 of 3 has not stop talking. First about how sick she was, second about the ring her daughter is going to get for her engagement, third about the wedding dress her daughter likes that she hates.
This is all I can bear I can’s bear anymore. I guess I am just cranky because I feel sick. NOT FAIR! This is my third cold this year! I have to take care of my self a lot better than I have been.

Enough about me.


2 of 3 said...

And uhm...what is with the baby bottle on the desk?

Just have a minimum of 3 days without me next week too. Ah the joy of it.

SansaMini said...

Stop changing the names of the people you work with. I want to assume that I know who Beast is, but then you say 1 of 3 and I get confused. If they're the same person great, but if not, you should let someone know! Btw, it sucks that your day turned out to be a sham.