Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I love snow!

It isn’t winter in Pittsburgh if you do not have at least one day of winter storm warning that actually causes concern for the Pittsburghers.

It takes more than and light dusting of snow the shut down this city. But when it shuts down you should heed the winter snow advisory.

The snow came silently as it always does. If you do not watch the evening or morning news which is my custom then you just go through the motions like nothing is amiss. Then when you open your door to start you day and are greet with the cold breeze blowing snow into the threshold of the doorway. (This has happen to me several times before) However this time I knew the snow was coming. When TAG left for work last night there was a half of inch of snow on the driveway. After watching him successfully slid the car down the driveway and miss the utility pole I knew that I would be playing in snow in the morning.

I was up early and took my time. Why rush to play in the snow? Please note if you will I love playing in the snow. Some people do not like shoveling the snow, I love it. Some people do not like sweeping the snow, I like discovering how dry the ground is under the snow. If there is Ice. With the right shovel I can get that as well. I remember spending hours cleaning the show off the steps and sidewalk of our house as kids. No one ever had to wonder who was cleaning off the side walk I always got up early to get it done. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I still enjoy it. This morning however my back was in pain and sweeping the snow was truly a chore. Did that stop me? No I still enjoyed it despite the pain. 20 minutes to clear the snow, 10 minutes to salt the driveway and then off to catch the bus. Yes! Caught the right bus at the right time, arrived at work 7:30 am. Cool all went according to plan.

Typically when it snows in the city various neighborhoods are impacted differently. The further you are away from the city the more snow you get. So if downtown has a light dusting of snow ½ mile to 1 mile outside of downtown area you have at least 1 ½ inches of snow. Today downtown had at least 3 almost 4 inches of snow and Oakland where all the hospital were located had enough snow to cover my shoes completely.

It is approximately 4:10 and in the administrative offices the personal has dwindled down to Sharon . 1 of 3 is gone because she is afraid she may fall. That would be a sight. I am still here answering the phone! Which has stop ringing at 3:30!

My adventure ahead, get home in one piece, without the aid of a prat fall!

Tag will not be coming to pick me up because his father attempted to back over a tree! The tree won almost sent him over the embankment. He was sitting in the car try to figure out what happen when the police came up to him. They explained to him that he hit some ice and a 360 like an ice skater. So now Tag had to take care of him right now. I am assuming that nothing physically is wrong with him since the police brought Pap to his son and not to the hospital. Of course this just adds to the adventure of getting home.
I still love the snow!

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