Thursday, February 14, 2008

I will be glad when this wedding takes place!

First, Melvina is getting married on Saturday. She is very happy and excited about it. There is definitly more to the story because he will not be coming to Pittsburgh right a way.

Second, 1 of 3 is trying to manipulate the wedding. I over heard a coversation where she actually tells her daughter to take the engagement ring and get a jewerler to remake the ring because the diamond is surrounded by too much gold! She is also trying to get her daughter to get married ina tradition wedding gown and not a sari. She is also getting mad because her daughter is not doing it.

They also got a second letter from the insurance company threatening to have their house sold for sheirff sale. I told her to just give it to her lawyer, you know the one have paid a retainer. She tells her husband that he said he was just going to ignore it. She just about screamed! So she is going to get a copy of the letter to the lawyer.

You proably will just have to listen and she will reveal all.

See you friday!!!

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2 of 3 said...

Boy...miss 3 days and ya miss a lot!