Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Nothing special.

I got up early this morning, showered and dressed. Had enough time to get a coffee and to do a little sewing.

On the suit I finally got the collar off and drafted facing the front. And tonight after the gym I will finish the edges to stop fraying.

On my skirt I took the zipper out because is just could not deal with the puckers it caused. So now the skirt will have an elastic waist. I should finish that also tonight.

Arrived at work on time and waited for the phone to ring. Got here at 8:00 and it is now 8:30 I am still waiting for the phone to ring. So I called Caroline “please test my phone to make sure it is working correctly”. She says sure. I get 10 calls back to back as soon as I hang up the phone.

As far as Avon is concern I will be calling all my new recruits to make sure all it going well. I will also create mailing flyers to promote my business in the neighborhood. One will be for the businesses in the area and the other will not be.

I have a folder full of ideas that I can use to promote my business. This is going to be a regular Thursday night thing.

Of course for my health I will be at the gym. I plan to go around 8:00 so right after I finish sewing one of the projects I will go to the gym

Before going to bed I will do my bible reading I will go to bed around 12:00 probably fall asleep around 2:00. Get up to start it all over again.

Also will do some budget before Todd go to work. I will also create a schedule of what to do each day.

This is part of my new thought to work on every goal every day.

Get out of debt---everyday actions spend wisely and then review to make sure spending was in fact wise and make adjustment accordingly.

Sewing --- Do a little each day until summer wardrobe is complete. Include sewing day with friends and family.

Spiritually – Read the bible daily and apply and mediate on what I have learned and apply to myself.

Drawing –Or do something creative each day,

Reconnect with old friends----keep in touch with new friends

Listen and truly take the time to understand the person speaking

Beautify and make my home welcoming to strangers and comforting to my family.

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Familyof2 said...

About that suit...I don't think its going to fit any more. Hee hee.