Monday, April 28, 2008

just a headache

Friday, I went to the bank and found out that, Mellon is still dragging their feet getting my 401k ready to be turnover into and IRA. I finally was able to meet the guy who will be helping me choose what stocks and stuff I need to achieve my financial goal. Saturday I made it to the congregation book study. I got to my cousins shop. It was too busy to get my hair done. So I made an appointment. I will have to leave work early on the 1st so I can get my hair done. Successful appointment with Jamie in Aliquippa, A new Avon rep! Sunday I went to the kingdom hall but quickly got a headache so I suffered the rest of the day. Todd when to work early and then was home at 3:00 instead of going to work at 3:00. It was great to be able to sit at the table and eat dinner and talk. Then we went to the bookstore and hung out there for hours. I think it was a good day for all three of us.

Short person completed her training this week so I guess she will be working this summer. I will have to remind her to ask for the days off for the district convention if she plans on attending one this year.

Kim from Avon is starting to not be so intense with me anymore. I realize she was helping me to reach my goal but unfortunately with both of us I still did not make it like I wanted to. I have some great ideas for increasing my sales but I just have to put them into play. Especially with campaign 11.

Campaign 10 on the cover is the smooth mineral makeup, makeup that’s good for your skin naturally. I have started wearing it. I usually do not wear foundation it makes my face shine. This does the same thing, and I still am aware of not touching my face because the makeup transfers to my hands which are annoying. Todd like the way it looks so I will try it out for a couple of weeks.
Skin so Soft 24 fl oz on sale 9.99.
Footworks all 5 for 9.99
Avon Solutions all 3 for 9.99
Colonge 3 pc sets 9.99
What I like most are the flip-flop multipaks.

I guess I will have to make the appointment for the headaches! Who knows maybe it the allergic reaction to something? I don’t know. I am in pain and I am trying to keep the pain to my self. But that is not working. I have a very bad attitude today and I sincerely do not want to say something wrong so I am not saying very much. My eye are half open to protect from the light I am trying not to talking because everyone is shouting. My right ear is throbbing in time with my heart beat.

I hope to survive this yet again.

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