Thursday, April 3, 2008

First she buy me lunch......

The day started like it usually does. I get to work just in time and 2 of 3 is already answering the phones. Parents are making their usual stupid requests. In time 1 of 3 arrives and throughout the day 2 of 3 and me and have our usual conversations.

She buy me lunch which was right on time because I was not really aware that I was hungry. Then she buys dessert. Which I run and get, because its my lunchtime now.

Please note that I was warned numerous time that she was in PMS mode. However I was determined in my mind that this was not the case because it would be just wonderful for her to be with child. So I guess I disregarded that PMS stuff.

Then she said she was smoking again. I did not want her to smoke so I told her no you are not! (in the event you have not guess she is 2 of 3) The I called W a mutual friend and told on her. W told me that it was difficult to stop smoking completely especially understress. We talked a little more and then I went to 2 of 3 desk. Her expression was mean. But I have seen that before so I attempted to ignore it. Then she explodes! I don't remember the exact words but I knew I was not welcomed and she was mad! She said something like forget you and W. Get away from me I don't care what you think! So I went back to my desk thinking to myself. Forget you too! I guess that is it our year long friendship has come to and end! How can I come to work and not talk to her any more. I pull out my puzzle book and attempt to work the stupid puzzles.
I can't believe she would just disregard me so quickly.

So we did not talk to each other. She in her office and me stuck with 1 of 3 who wanted to say something but if she would have she would have gotten blasted so throughly I doubt she would be able to walk away.

Debbie came by our office and asked" Why are you crying?" who was she talking to I looked at 1 of 3 who just gave her a half hearted smile. Then SHE walked pass the door way. I refused to look up suddenly the stupid puzzle book was too interesting. WHY WAS NOT THE STUPID PHONE RINGING!

Just went this was about to be too overwhelming! I hear the ding of a new email. It was from 2 of 3 with the words sorry in bold type. My eyes watered up. She said sorry, She never said sorry. I could not see for a minutes because my eyes had tears in them. ( I have tears now just remembering) and I said I was sorry also.

We visited each other office and laughed and cried at the same time. PMS is evil. I am glad that we are still friends. Our friendship has survived!

George and Aunt Flow decided to visit me tonight. They can sure pick the times to visit!

Here's to a friendship that will last through happy times and disappointing one and that PMS did not break up!

Hugs and Kisses

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Familyof2 said...

I think my exact words were GET THE HELL OUT OF MY OFFICE. LOL.

So George came to visit you huh...well he still hasn't come to visit me...GEORGE...WHERE ARE YOU? DON'T IGNORE ME!!!