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I hate carpeting!

I have been making baby gifts for coworkers. They did not take much time to make, I spent more time searching for the fabric to create these gifts.

I bought a bunch of flannel so I made a couple of burp clothes and then made some baby bibs. This time they are the correct size. The first time I made them they were small and turn out to be drool bibs.

The floor is full of trimmings and thread. I hate the carpet in here. I would take up the carpet but I rent this space and I have no place to put the carpet if I take it up. Bare floor is the best flooring for a sewing studio. You cannot vacuum threads because they get tied up on the roller brush. You can use a broom but that is a serious workout and when you think you are finish and everything is clean you suddenly find the straight pins you dropped because that are now caught in the nap of the carpet and are standing straight up so your foot gets stabbed a couple times before you actually find the pin.

I also hate cleanup! I would pay someone to clean it but my idea of a clean sewing environment is not the same as everyone else's. I cannot begin sewing in a messy space. It's like trying to cook in a messy kitchen. I just cannot do it. So I have to clean up the space so I can finish these sewing projects and start making some jumpers and turtlenecks for the remainder of the winter.

Another reason I hate the carpeting in this room is that i put area carpet over the carpet that was in the room when we rented it. Because I know that I would never get it back to the way it looks when I first moved in so I put a carpet down to protect it. But the one I put down does not lay flat. I would have to remove everything in the room and put it down again. I did this twice already and still it buckles.

I hate carpeting!

I just realized that I left the camera in my fil's car and my sweetie took it to work with him. So I have no pictures to show you. I need to add these gifts to my completed project book.


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