Thursday, January 1, 2009

Never wait too long.

I am a great procrastinator. Unfortunately this usually gets me into some type of difficulty.

I said that I was going to sew in the New Year! Okay at 6:00 in the evening I was in Wal Mart crafting section looking for fabric. It's not like I do not have fabric, I have a wardrobe full of fabric but I just was not feeling any of those just now. Nor did I feel the need for any fabric in the store either.

So I looked at the yarn to see if I could find the right color for the comfort shawl that I was to crochet. Nothing looked right. We left the store with my purchases of, a 20 oz bottle of Mt. Dew ,batting for a crib sized quilt and 3 magazines.

Some friends came over to watch House of Payne but they were all old episodes, I guess the new season starts next week. By 10:00 they had went home and My sweetie went to work. I went into the sewing studio and searched for the perfect fabric .....after a while the fabric just had to be nice .........and after a while longer I was just searching for something to work on.

11:00 I finally decided to finish a blouse that I had laid out and cut out back in June, 08 M4591

Since everything was ready I read the guide sheet and I got started and soon was totally into what I was doing. Here are some reason why you should never wait too long to finish something that you are making to wear.

1) If there was extra fabric after cutting out the pattern you now have no idea were it is.

This pattern is single salvage and the neck tie has two pieces that are sown together. A right side and a left side. I had cut two left sides. I had no idea where the extra fabric could have been so now I will have a v-neck sleeveless blouse.

2) If you are making something for you to wear you should not have gain any weight between the time you cut out the pattern and the time you actually make the blouse.

When I tried it on just to make sure it fit I was surprised. It did fit, but it was a little tight. So I took out the side seams and re did the seams with a small seam allowance. Tried it on again, more incentive to lose some weight.

3 )Why did I think this pattern would look good in this material is beyond me. But I have a V-neck sleeveless shirt which I will gladly were with a jacket!

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You know where me and the gym more excuses, we get off of work at the SAME TIME, its time to start coming home with me!