Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hard to get good help.

When I saw the weather warning was for the whole state of PA, I was not too worried. Snow, Ice and rain , hey if you lived here for 1 day you know we get true winter weather here.

So when I left work on friday and it was snowing I decided this would be a weekend where I would be stuck in the house. No big deal, since the maid is too lazy to work I could use the time to clean up the house.

I woke up this morning at 8:00 which would have been great if I was actually going somewhere. So I go started doing the laundry and started cleaning up the bathroom. Once I was finished with the bathroom I could do no more cleaning because the stupid housekeeper did not buy more cleaning products. What I had I was enough to clean the bathroom and no more.

I received a call from my hubby who was complaining that the cook does not get up in enough time to cook him breakfast before he goes to work and was hopeful that there would be dinner when he came home. He was in a mood. I realize that the cook did not have breakfast ready for me either. Since it was up to me to have dinner ready, I got dress and had to walk to the store because the chauffer was missing in action.

I came home to find the driveway and steps covered with ice because the groundskeeper did not spread the salt. So after finally making it into the house with the groceries I realize that I forgot to get more cleaning products.

So I cooked the dinner, did the laundry, salted the driveway and steps, finish cleaning what I could, and just as I was about to go into my studio to do some sewing. Hubby comes home mad at something. As he started eating his dinner, I started flipping channels on the TV which he complain about and finally when I took the time to listen to him I see him walking to me saying " just turn it off, just turn it off." Just as he turns to walk out of the room the telephone rings and it is the hospital. His father is refusing to eat! He is sugar level was low and someone need to make him eat. So off he went.

I finally come into the sewing studio and am not longer inspired to do anything. So I am going to fire the help and go eat some icecream sandwiches. Maybe then I can get some sewing done!

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familyoftwo98 said...

You should move the Shangrila where I live. While the maid doesn't do our individual living spaces they do do the windows and hallways once a week. The grounds crew is awesome. They were here at 6:15 salting and plowing. Laundry is done by the hubby, as is the cooking. Which leaves me plenty of time to craft, and watch television.

You need to move...