Sunday, September 27, 2009

It does not pay to wait until the last minute.

Yesterday I decided that I needed a dress to wear, today. I did make the dress but I was not happy with it.

I designed a shift dress with ruffles around the collar.

I hated the ruffle. It did not lay the way I wanted it to. Because the fabric was really too thick for the type of soft ruffle effect that I wanted. So I removed the ruffle that I put on. I searched through my stash of fabric and of course I did not have the right type of fabric in the right color.

When I removed the ruffle I stretched the neckline in the front of the dress so I need to make some more adjustments to it.

When you wear a jacket with it no one can see the mistakes or the dress. So once I have fixed it to look the way it really should I will post it correctly.

It does not pay to wait until the last minute.


In the evening I have been crocheting Tri-Color squares for the guest bedroom. Two shades of blue the other color is white. I have so much yarn its time for me to start creating afghans to use it all up.

I starting connecting the squares as I go along. There will be 10 squares in each row. This row is almost done. 2 more squares to go.

After I complete this row I will start sizing my Motif for the Motif Afghan features in the Crochet Along on the Lion Brand Notebook blog. This time I will start and finish it. and not wait until the last minute.

My sister does not have a computer. I kept telling her that the Little Designers are going to need it for school work. But she did not get the computer dispite several great sales last Christmas time.

One of the Little Designers is now enrolled in a performing arts school. I was teasing my sister and told her that soon she will be bringing home a note saying she needs a laptop computer. She laugh it off.

Friday the Little Designer brought home the note, She needs a laptop for school starting monday. I thought it was funny. My sister was not so amused. So all the Aunts are pitching in to get her a laptop. I still think it funny. It does not pay to wait until the last minute. If anything it cost more!

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River Glorious said...

It *is* amusing, though she won't admit it. Thanks for sharing that.

I like the granny squares you are making, too. :)