Monday, January 18, 2010


We were awakened at 6:40 with the ringing of the telephone. Usually when the phone rings my Hubby turns to me and says " Are you expecting a call?" This time he just got up and answered the phone. His daughter was calling to tell him that her grandfather was vomiting blood. We immediately got up and dress and was at the house before the ambulance was there.

I just stood back and stayed out of the way. But that did not last long because Hubby did not know what to do. His father started with the " I don't want to bother anybody?" crap that he says when he thinks he is about to die. I just asked some questions. When did you start vomiting blood? 4:30 How many times did you vomit? Once maybe twice Where were you when you vomited? In the bathroom it's in the garbage can you can look at it. I went back into the living room and waited by the door for the ambulance to arrive. I told Todd tell the ME exactly what he said about vomiting.

ME arrived and went to work. He told them all the information and one of the ME looked at the blood in the garbage. They said it did not look to bad but he had to go to the hospital. Pap said he would go there later himself. The ME looked at Todd, he shook ed his head no. So they got the gurney and put him in the ambulance.
We were in the car waiting for them to pull of when the driver came back and said to my husband. "Do not try to follow me I will have the sirens going and you could get into an accident."

I am so happy He told my husband that because I could just see us in the red mercury mystique flying down the road like some action movie trailer.

At the hospital he vomited again this time lots of clots! They put the tube through his nose, down his throat to his stomach and turned on the suction. Once again lots of blood and lots of clots. The clots actually clogged the tube.

The doctor told us that he is going to be admitted to ICU and they had to stabilize him and find the source of the bleeding. When he stopped vomiting and was finally asleep we went home to take showers and make phone calls.

We went back to the hospital and visited in the ICU for 1/2 hour and then waited for the Doctor who was doing the scope. 1 1/2 hours later she came out to talk to us. There is lots of blood in his stomach. This is a giant clot that they could not move so they believe this could be the source of the bleeder but they will have to do a scope tomorrow hopefully the clot will have moved so they can see behind it. Since he was sleep from the medicine they gave him to do the scope we went home to update the rest of the family.

We were finally calming down when I was reminded of a bill that I needed to pay online. In the middle of doing my payment and MasterCard pop up screen came up asking for my debit card information, INCLUDING MY PIN NUMBER!

I did not think I just did it. Soon as I did it I thought WHY DID I DO THAT? I worked at a bank for 10 years and always told people never give anyone your pin number the bank does not need that information. Old people usually were the ones every now and then it would be someone who clearly should know better. WHY DID I DO THAT? I call the bank at the 800 number and suspended my card. So now I have to make a trip into the branch with photo ID to get a new card.

Stress will make you do some stupid things!


Betty Rubble said...

I WILL be calling you from work today! Probably my work number since it will be crazy!

Hillary said...

I said a prayer for you and your family. I'm so sorry! :(

Noelle said...

I am saying a prayer for your family.

Michelle said...

Here from Betty's blog. Keeping your family in my thoughts. Hoping everything works out ok.