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3 reasons

I took 3 days off from work for 2 reasons. Well really 3 reasons 1 to increase my spiritual activity, 2 get some doctors appointments done and 3 spend time with my hubby.

Reason 1.

Our circuit overseer and his wife were scheduled to visit us. This is an exciting time for me because I can hear reports of encouragement from all over the world. Brother Falbo and his wife use to live here but their assignment took them all over the globe and in the last 3 years they have return home to continue the work they were doing abroad here at home and to take care of ailing parents. Each time they visit I really enjoy it and will attempt to take some time off from work so we can get together for the whole day. Unfortunately his wife mother fell and had in the hospital and so they were not able to come to visit. However the assignment was given to a brother we will often stand in for them when unforeseen occurrences come up. He has given some wonderful discourses during this time and I truly appreciate then. I am however sad that I could not connect with the Falbo’s.

Reason 2.

It is the beginning of the year and I try to have all the annual doctors appointment done early so the rest of the time it about staying healthy. I was able to see my PCP and he referred me to a Neurologist for my migraines. I was able to see the neurologist on Wednesday and today I had the MRI of my head. I had to reset appointment for our eye exams because FIL needed a CT of his chest. He is having difficulty breathing and Hubby was running him to3 different doctors on Monday trying to find out how they plan to handle this problem.

Pap’s PCP had no knowledge of his hospital stay (despite his request the information was never sent) so once he(pcp) was brought up to speed on what has been happening. Hubby was sent to the renal doctor’s office to get a copy of all the medical records for the last month. Then he was sent to the GI doctors office to get a copy of the x-rays’. Which he as happy to do but it was very trying just the same. Why not jut get the reports faxed over ? Well hubby felt they did not do it before so he would just get it all taken care of right now. So as this first week of march ends I still have doctors appointments that both Hubby and I need. I want to get them done before March 15 this way the $200.00 that is left from last years FSA will be use instead of lost.

Reason 3.

Hubby changed his job so he is home every night. Or he should be home every night.
Because of the serious health problems his dad has been having, he has been spending some nights over there because he wants to ready to get him to the hospital if necessary.

My FIL is sleeping sitting up because of the fluid retention he is afraid that he will not wake up if he lays down. Of course this put Hubby on High Alert. So it is important that he is ready to help is dad at a moments notice.

Thursday was a beautiful day! The weather was sunny and the temp was just right. We were able to spend the whole day together. That morning he got up and drove the school bus when he came home quickly changed his clothes and we went out in our ministry. After 2 hours we made it home and a quick lunch and then checked on his father who was not doing as well as we would like. Found out that Hubby needed to pick up and RX for the CT scan tomorrow. I waited while he finish is afternoon school bus trip. Made a mad dash to the doctors office to find it closed. We went home and read some scriptures together and relaxed for the rest of the evening. We planned what we would do on Friday and Saturday.

Our plan for Friday was to go get our eye exams done and order new glasses and contact. Lunch at Robert Wholey and take a walk along the river. Then after dinner come home and cuddle on the sofa while watching some movie on TMC. What happened was, we took FIL for his CT scan and since it was not scheduled we had to wait until they had a break in the schedule to get it done. Rescheduled our eye exams for April.

We drove to the strip district to get fish sandwiches to go since the home care nurse was due to come and the place was over crowded with people who all had the same idea. This is where I because to lose my patient with the day because I kept getting phone call while standing in line trying to get some stupid fish sandwiches. I almost left but I had already invested 40 minutes in this adventure so I was committed to see it to the end. When I got back in the car my FIL said. “We saw 7 car accidents, 2 people walking naked down the street, a dog wearing a pant suit an old woman in high heels with shorts on and a pigeon sitting on a man’s head while he was crossing the street.” We all laughed. We made it to FIL house before the home care nurse so all was good. After Hubby finished the second half of his school bus run we decided to try to salvage our evening and went to dinner only to receive a phone call that his daughter had to go over her mothers house and spend the night so, Hubby is with is father and I am on the computer.
Our plans for Saturday are not worth mentioning because I doubt that it will happen.
I am not sad, not upset, just disappointed. I am sure this is not the first time nor will it be the last time.

I have no idea when I will be taking time off again but I am sure it will not go as planned then either.


Anonymous said…
In the words of John Lennon--Life is what happens while we're busy making other plans...

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