Monday, March 1, 2010

Space Invaded!

I cannot get it together. Why because of bad Feng Shui! My sewing room has my computer in it and from time to time I take somethings out of the room and add other things to it. I do that because once it is done everything is good and I feel ready to stay in my sewing room and I can get lots of stuff done. I had things almost the way I needed them to be and i was able to start some some projects that I had not finished. I was doing some hand sewing on at quilt square and working on my needelpoint. Then the worst thing that could happen happened things were moved around in my room. My dear sweet hubby took the printer from his office and hooked it up to my computer because my printer is not working and proceed to change the room to fit is needs. He was in my space for 3 dys and would have been there longer if I had not insisted that he get it out! He had control over my space and then took over my computer for those 3 days. Now that he has returned his printer to his space my space feels off. Things are not in the proper place. The room does not feel comfortable to me in anyway. Bad Feng Shui!

Trust me I have no tool for feng shui analysis and even if I did I would have no idea of what to do but I know when things do not feel right for me.

My computer is not working correctly. CPU usage @ 100% when it should show 2 or 3 % because nothing is running but the Task master, the computer is idle. You do not expect to hear the engine of your car revving like it is going 80 mph when it is sitting still. Something is wrong. It could be a VIRUS! When I explain this to him he makes me feel like Chicken Little. The computer is broke, the computer is broke.

I have been reading my blogs on a somewhat regular basis so I know when it is taking too long for the page to load. According to him that is also my imagination. I cannot stand it.

My space feels invaded and now I need to change the room around completely in order to feel right in my own space. The creativity that was starting to flow has now been replaced with feeling of extreme anxiousness and I know the only thing that is going to fix this feeling is to change my room completely. Make the room feel likes it is mine again. I don’t want to do that so I need some ideas on how to get rid of this feeling like my space was invaded. Please send me some ideas!


Betty Rubble said...

I have one...divorce...but you never listen to me :)

Lavon said...

Still not listening.