Sunday, March 28, 2010

I will have something to sing about.

Today I should be singing New attitude by Patty Labella, You know something like " I wearing a new dress, new hair brand new idea as a matter of fact I have changed for good." Then the song says something about feeling good from my head to my shoes I got a new attitude.

But NONE of this is true for me right now. I have been dealing with a migraine. I decide that I can still sew while have a migraine but no so much. The Dress is a simple shift style dress and I decided the seam will be french seams but with a migraine I did them wrong.

With a french seams you sew wrong sides together trim closely to the seam and them sew the seam again with right sides together. You have a finish seam on the inside no fraying raw edges and i like this type of seam better on the simple dresses. But I did it wrong and would catch the error before doing any triming and sit and remove the stitching. I did that twice before giving Up and going to bed. So tomorrow I will get up and finish my dress and start a new on I will complete my 6 dresses in 6 weeks and I will be sing about new attitude and shoes and dresses and hair and what every else Patty was singing about.

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Betty Rubble said...

Wanna finish mine too?