Sunday, March 7, 2010

You know how when you are bored and you know you should be doing something.

I just could not get started on anything productive so I decided to get on the computer.

Then I remember what I was working on. As you can see I just took a square of muslin and hand sewed at lot of different fabrics on it. No design in mind just something to do while watching TV.

I actually did a little beading. I decided to practice some hand stitching on this little project.
It is really important that hand stitching is done correctly when you have to do it.

But in time.

This I gave up on this and decided to return to something that I had started so long ago but never finished.

I was following instructions on the blog Nuts about Needlepoint. I wanted to use my own design and when I read that is what she was giving instructions to do I follow all the steps and read her blog daily. I bought the canvas and the waterproof color markers and drew my design on the canvas and then I became distracted by something could not tell you what it was but whatever it was I never continued what I was doing so now I am going by memory.

I think this stitch is call the continental stitch. But so far so good. I think I will be taking it with me to work and do this during my lunch hour.

I today I am going to set up my sewing machine and get back to doing what I think I do well.


I have to open the closet holding all the fabric and patterns.

I had put everything away neatly as possible.

I decided this was a good thing because I could not use the excuse that everything was a mess and I had to clean it up before I could get started.

This will do.

This knit fabric will work because it is still cold outside but the color is bright because spring is just 2 weeks away and in time all the snow will be melted. Besides I like this color. Of course I still have to get the sewing machine out and up. So I guess there will be some delay in this process.

I am going to get started. Have a great day! Do something creative today.

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