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Text tour of possible new apartment.

Good day. I have resolved in my heart that my computer at home will not be back online until we move into our new place. As it is we have not yet been confirmed for this apartment that we just saw over the weekend but it meets our current plan of simplification. I really should say my simplification plan.

Since my hubby is only working during the school year I decided that everything needs to be based on what my paycheck can handle otherwise we will never be able to make forward progress in any area. Therefore a change from the 3 bedroom apartment we currently live in (rent over 700.00 a month) to an apartment 1 or 2 bedroom (max rent 550.00 a month)

This is a text tour of our possible new apartment.

This place we saw over the weekend is a one bedroom 2nd floor apartment. Once you get to the top of the 14 steps and enter apartment on the left is the entrance to the main room. It is the full length of the apartment and it should be used for the dining room/living room combination. I have decided it will just be call the main room.
My sewing will attempt to be contained in the closet which looks ideal for a mini sewing space but I have a lot of stuff to store.

I am keeping all my sewing machine even if they are used in decorating the space it defines me.

This main room will also have the desk for the computer/office. This does mean that my computer will be a laptop. A desktop will take up too much space which is something that I am complaining about right now.

This main room will also have the TV and WII game in it. We will get a futon type sofa may be two and a chair. Since the futon can be used for sleeping this will accommodates any overnight guest we may have.

Returning to the entrance of the apartment on the right is the kitchen. Small but workable.

I do not like that the refrigerator is right next to the stove! Seems like they will be working against each other the stove is hot and the refrigerator will have to work harder to keep things cold. Hopefully they are properly insulated for this not to be a major problem.

Return to the entrance of the apartment and continue down the hall there is a closet on the left in the middle of the hallway it’s perfect size. Next to the closet is the Bathroom. The space is small but I do not feel like a bull in a china closet in this space. There is a linen closet in the bathroom behind the door.

Return to the hallway and at the end of the hall way is the bedroom.

This is a beautifully large room. You can get a king size bed and all the furniture that goes with it in this room. The closet is about the same size of the closet we have now but not as deep. Once you leave the bedroom you can enter the main room on the left walk through it and exit the main room and return to the hallway at the entrance to the apartment.

That is my tour of the place we are considering.

This change is a major sacrifice in space and the way hubby would like to live. Don’t get me wrong I love the place we are in but the new apartment despite being small is 300.00 less each month. I would prefer an apartment within a complex but all the ones close to where is father lives are full with no predictable vacancies for this year so this is what we found while driving through the neighborhood. It is a secured building and there are only 2 apartments in the building the mailboxes indicate 3 apartments but the 3rd apartment was where the garage is now. So each apartment has parking in the building.

The place we are in now is an apartment (duplex) that feels like a house. I like apartment living my hubby wants a house. We both were happy here. Now we are moving to an apartment and hubby has gone back to talking about buying a house. This I will have to listen to every day until HE qualifies to buy one.

Tomorrow is the beginning of clearing out the back bedroom all important papers will be scanned into the computer and a backup file copied on to cd and everything over 5 years will be shredded with the exception of tax papers. I will keep them for 10 years. That is my project for this week! When I do take a brake from that I will be sewing pants! I need pants for work so my goal 5 pairs of pants within 10 days!

So no matter how busy you are keep creatively living.


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