Thursday, July 29, 2010


I have change the title of my blog because I am restarting my home business of alterations and sewing clothes for customers because sisters do not pay anything but dinner occasionally.

This blog will enable me to post what I changes I am making to garments. Ideas for clothing and jewelry that I can first draw and then attempt to make.
I open a flicker just to show pictures of the changes made to garments you know before and after shots.

Other changes are going to be with me, myself, I. I have grown weary of people telling me what I can, should, need to, must, have to do! I am very much aware of what I can, should, need to, must, have to do and I will handle it in my way. I love my friends and family and I care for them deeply but I cannot handle anyone trying to tell me what to do and using some method physcology to get me to see what I am doing wrong.

It seems that the majority of people around me want things their way without consideration for me and when I bring that to their attention they try to flip things so that I feel bad for them treating me bad and brng it to their attention.

I had to read that twice to make sure I said it right but that is it.

Ever had someone explain the reason for their action and then want you to agree with it and if you do not something is wrong with you. Well that changes I will not make time for that nonsense.

Thanks for listening!

I have a dress that must be finished before moving on the making the pants. So this weekend is finishing of UFO's and August will be the month of putting into action all the necessary changes.

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