Thursday, July 8, 2010

A little confused

The red dress is finished! Yea! I think I did a beautiful job on making the neck opening square and the arm holes were stitched and then covered with lace which will be turn inside and hand stitched so that all you see is a clean finished edge. The hem is a narrow zigzag stitch which does not weight the dress down at all. So it should float as I walk by.

It does need a belt! So I will be searching for that and hopefully find one within the next couple of days. I have some red t strap sandals with a ½ inch heel so I should be comfortable all around in this dress.

The dress that I am working on now is the same pattern as the tan flower print dress that I made a while back. The fabric is cotton white and black. The print is black and looks like chain links or something that reminds me of chain links of a necklace. I want to do something creative. Sissy tells me to make the neckline v instead of scoop but I am not sure about that.

I have the zipper in the back and cannot decide if I am going to put some graphic shape appliqué on the front of it so it has been sitting since Monday night. Sissy has gone back home and Pap was released from the hospital last night. He is happy to be home but not happy about the heat.

This is what I was thinking about Sissy’s visit, some things just confused me.
Once she did find out that Pap was in the hospital she did not stay at his house with Short person (stepdaughter) she stayed at my house.
Of the 3 days that she was here she visited Pap only 1 of those days.
She stays in the house and watched DVD’s all day and then she went home.

My sister invited us to her house to eat dinner that she cooked on the grill Saturday and when we arrived she was not home. Hubby took it that she did not want his family to come to her house and that the invite was just for me. This is not the case because I asked my sister, before I even mention to my hubby, if the invite included sissy and short person and she told me it did. So when we were close to the house I called her to let her know that I was bringing some meat to put on the grill and to see if anything was already done because we were arriving hungry she told me they had already eaten and were at Frick Park and could meet us in about 30 minutes.

Sissy turn the car around stopped at KFC and then went back to the house to continue watching DVD’s.

I asked my sister about it and she really never answer my question so I am not finish with this subject . This is confusing and distressing because it makes no sense at all.

Back to what does makes sense, my dress should be finished tonight! Keep Sewing!

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