Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sewing and stopping.

You know how you can be working on something thinking about something else. Well that was what I was doing. I was working on a dress that should take about 1 hour sewing time to complete. It took me 4 hours to finish because I kept sewing and stopping.

I have this sheer fabric that will need to be lined when I use it so I decided to use it on a very simple dress. The color is a red with flowers of different colors printed on it. The flowers are outline in white so the lining of the dress is white. The fabric is white rayon. It is a good thing that the dress is sleeveless because this will be a hot dress!

Hubby’s sister came in town on Saturday. She decided to stay with us. Hubby did not bother to tell Sissy that Pap was in the hospital because he figured if she really care she would call him every day not just when she needed money. Needless to say she was a bit ticked off to find out Pap was in the hospital. I think she would not have made the trip had she known. That’s what Hubby says any way.

Sissy does not look like she is 60 years old but she drive like an older person. Ever drive behind someone who see a car in the distance and even if the light is green will wait for the car to come up and pass them before they decide to turn so that the car behind now is caught by the red light. Yup! That’s Sissy. When she did that I just looked at her when she complained that the car behind her had the nerve to blow their horn.

Sewing, I proceeded to cut the fabric the sheer fabric was not as slippery as I thought it would have been it stayed put very nicely. So after I got all the pieces out and ready to sew I could over hear a Harley in my drive way. Stopping, I saw my husband go into our bedroom and close the door and I went to the front of the house and my Sister in law was sitting the steps talking to my Brother in law. I shouted out my hello and went back to sewing. Hubby did not come out of his room until I could hear the Harley driving away.

Ya, see Brother in law lives here in the city but he does not come around to see or help with his father and never come to see his brother.

As hubby passed the room I was he stopped to state the obvious “my brother was here”

“Yes, I saw him”

“Are you coming with me?”

“Where are you going? “

“To see MY father!” Stopping, So off we went. Sissy and stepdaughter as well.

We get to hospital and Father in law in pain having just come up from having the doctor try to remove his dialysis caterer and replace it with a different one only for that one to have a kink in it and this was done while he was awake and the area was to be numb but he assures us he felt every bit of the pain. He compares it to the pain he felt when they did the partial amputation of his toes.

Todd went to find the nurse and find out why he was not called when this was going on. He called several time to make sure his father was in his room and was told he was having dialysis which takes 21/2 to 3 hours so once he received information that he was finish with dialysis we made the trip to see him.

Why did the person he talked to not explain exactly what was going on?
why did not doctor not call him to tell him about this procedure he was going to do on his dad?
Series of other why questions that can only be answer with the non satisfactory answer of breakdown in communication.

Hubby is a big guy and he can be a bit intimidating if you do not know him so you can imagine how the little nurse felt answer this man who was trying to control his temper and at times failing to do so. I attempted to be the bumper between the two and soon every one was sitting and talking and reviewing his chart is a calm manner.

End result the proper notation were made on the chart so the hubby could be call for all procedure to take place including routine ones and the list of all the doctors handling Pap’s case was in his pocket.

We continued our visit with Pap and he was happy to see us all and started to fall asleep.

Finally we make it back home! Back to sewing my dress.

Shoulder seams, side seams of the lining completed and finished the hem. Shoulder seam and side seams of the dress completed. Right sides of the lining pinned to the right sides of the dress and the neck edge. I decided that I wanted an square neck line so I made the necessary changes and stitched it together.

I hear loud talking in the living room so stopping I go see what the problem could be.
“ Don’t eat all that fruit!”

“Sissy you have been picking on my all night! Leave me alone!”

“ I did not bring that for you I brought it for dad. You better leave some for him.”

I went back to the sewing. I put aside that dress I was working on and laid out the pattern of a different dress. Lots have been going through my mind I will blog about that tomorrow.

Keep Sewing.

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