Friday, October 21, 2011

Owens family established 1961


Today is my parents anniversary, If they were alive they would have been married for 50 years!

I wonder what they would have done to celebrate this milestone. Whatever it would have been I know our family would have come together. Even with all of us it is still quite a small family. 4 daughters 3 of whom are married 3 grandchildren 1 step grandchild. I imagine that we would have a party with all their friends around and end the day with a plane ride to some resort for the honeymoon that they never had that I am aware of.

I miss my parents a lot because we never outgrow our need for them.

This was to be the year I would get my sisters together for a dinner and take the time to look at ourselves through our parents eyes. What would they say to us? What advice would they give us?

My sister(4) is organizing an MBA Gala at the glamorous hotel downtown this weekend. Great opportunity for her I hope all goes well. It was an opportunity the she could not pass up.

Her daughter was Stage manager for a play at the creative arts school. Work was horrible all week long but I got off work and put the effort to get to the school on time. I made it hour and a half early! She did a wonderful job. Everything flowed beautifully The lighting, sound and the no one forgot their lines. Beautiful. I know my parents would have loved it.

My sister(2) who lives out of town, we could barely get her in town when sister (3) was dealing with cancer and our need for her help during her recovery never came.

Well next year i will get everyone together I will start planning in January and sisters ( 1-4) will together.

I am searching for pictures to make a picture quilt that will be a wall hanging in my sewing studio in remembrance of their life and love.

Joe Louis Owens and Sally Mae Williams united as a family October 21, 1961

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