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just another day!

Friday we received a get out of jail free card and was able to escape the emprisonment of work at 1:00 in the afternoon. Which was great I had guest coming to my house for dinner because My little girl is coming in from KY. It started out as a small dinner party and then before I realized what I was doing I have invited all of the family who did not celebrate the holidays. I knew they would be busy preparing for December 25th.

Needless to day everyone showed up. My father in law fell down in the driveway and roll all the way back to the street when TAG stood. It was the weirdest thing to see. I just happen to look out the window to see him do the tuck and roll. I guess he is so used to falling that he just goes into a tuck and roll instead of bracing for the fall. He was in such a hurry to show that he could make it up the driveway without any help that he fell. TAG said that he was on his day was on his way up the drive before he could even get out and when he did get out all he could do was prevent him from rolling into the street. He claims he is alright but I did find the little first aid kit that I had and put some antibotic cream on the scrapes.

Ok moving on. The food was out and looking wonderful and every one was in the house and I could not delay dinner any more it was 6:00 and My little girl was not here yet. But we had to say pray and eat so that people who had to take medicine would be able to do so.

After eating and doing my best the keep the kids from trashing the office and trying to enjoy pleasant conversation regardless of how loud it was. I found myself feeling like I was losing control. TAG must have seen it on my face because he joined in helping me with everthing and Monique was a great help as well. We played Taboo, did some line dances ( we did not even need to move any furniture it was great!) and lots of conversation. I felt left out of the conversation so I guess I will have to do a lot more visiting.

Around 7:00 my little girl finally showed up but she did not look well to me. I wish I had seen her when she first got her I would have known that she would be sick on sunday. She stayed the longest and we had wonderful conversation and she enjoyed her trip to italy but she decided that she would have enjoyed it more if she spoke the language. She explained to me the in 2009 she would like the live in a spanish speaking country she is just deciding which one. She is definitely leaving the united states. I advised her to learn more than just spanish if she knows more languages she could work as an translater where ever she worked.

She is just the sweetest young woman who use to be my little baby. I came into her life when she was 4 years old and hope to remain a part of her life until she is 144 years old. She had over come so much and I am just so proud of her.

Tuesday comes I did not get up and go the the kingdom hall like I should have. I can come up with a hundred excuses but they would be boarderline lies so why bother I did not go. I took TAG to work and brought him lunch. Hung out with him until he got off from work. Got home and took his father to see various family members and finally I got home and finally my little girl come over and she was sick, sore throat and body aches. She sat on the sofa with lots of pillows and blankets. Made sure she had some meds. I washed her bag of clothes. Gave her a heating pad and we watched the stupid movie Balls of Fury. I know she needs to sleep for at least a day before heading back to KY. Unfortunately she need to be a work on thursday. So if she is not without a fever by lunchtime today she will be going to the dr office.

Well Buddah just came in to the office showing all her gifts. it is 9:51am and she just arrived!

Have a great day every one!


Anonymous said…
Boy the thing one misses while on vacation.

Borderline lies huh...bad TNT, bad. You are starting to sound like...gasp...ME. LOL.

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