Friday, October 31, 2008

Scrub Skirts?

Today I was reading H&M magazine, which I was able to get from the H & M Store at the Ross Park Mall. It was free so I grabbed a copy.

There is an article title Dress for Success. After reading the article it should be about Power Dressing.

It starts out talking about the year 1988, Dallas and Dynasty was on TV, remember the shoulder pads on those suits and gowns?

Power Dressing in the 1980 meant slim jackets with broad showers, pencil skirts, tight and high-high heels with pointy toes.

One example of a power dresser was Margaret Thatcher. She ruled Britain with an Iron hand; I loved the suits she wore.

2008 Winter RTW from the catwalk Power dressing is very much on display. The article mentions the trendsetter Maison Martin Margiela.

I prefer the look of Akris.

This is power dressing to me without the football shoulder pads.

I think Akris is more in line with Cashmere Mafia and Lipstick Jungle which are also mentioned in the article.

Of course we must not forget the women of today’s politics that have an influence on the Power Dressing of 2008.

“The fact the power and fashion are once again being talked about has everything to do with global politics. A variety of strong women are currently making waves, and a new approach to power dress is growing forth. The look is distinctly more feminine than the angular androgyny of the 80’s.”

The power dressing of 2008 allows low heels or flats, milder colors and soft feminine side.

This article reminded me of my love for suits. I always had some new suit in my wardrobe. I was working at the bank during the 1980’s and suits and straight skirts and high heels were the norm. In 2008 I am now working in a children’s hospital in a scheduling room and my wardrobe does not require a suit and any time a suit is worn by anyone in the scheduling room the questions is “Wow! Why so dressed up?”

Medical shows have everyone in scrubs with the exception of a few people in management. It seems that everyone in scrubs dislike those in suits because they are so anal about the rules.

So what would be considered Power Dressing for a telephone scheduler stuck in an office the size of a large closet.

I am happy to hear any suggestions because a pencil skirt made from the same material as scrubs just does not seem right at all.

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familyoftwo98 said...

Hey I love my suits even though my office is tinier than yours! Dress for success...dress for what you want.

Oh wait...that must mean I have low self esteem...