Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Rain Rain go away!

This morning I had breakfast with Todd. We had a productive conversation about our budget. This is a daily conversation because if it is not the budget restriction will no longer be in play according to his mind. So to stop family stress we talk about it daily. Just the make sure we are still of the same mind and notate all transactions.

Then I dropped him off at his dad's house. He then did his daily routine of takiing his child to work and taking his dad to a doctors appointment.

I picked up CB and we made our way to the KH where we meet for FS. The group had 15 people in it which is good. I think the normal number is some where about 6 to 10. We were in the Forest Hills Area and the hills are a nice work out. I knew their was some moisture in the air because I felt like I needed my inhaler.

We did some door to door until it started to lightly rain. I think the time was 11:00 am we had been out for about an hour already. We continue to finish the street and by 11:30 the rain was at a nice steady pace. So we got into our different car groups and made our way back to the KH. We made some RV's onthe way so by the time we made it back to the KH it was 11:30. I had planned to stay out untill 1:00 and really wanted the rain to just go away!

CB reminded me that there was Evening FS meeting at the KH at 5:30 this evening. So that is my plan for the rest of the day.

I will fix some lunch and some dinner for Todd when he wakes up and visit my cousin from MS and take my Auntie some food for breakfast during his visit. Make some plans to go out with him while he is in town.

I am still working on my fabric designs and I think I messed up my crossstitch but I am just going to make adjustments as I go along. I am not removing stitches anymore.

Check out this! I read this blog about Needlepoint called Nuts about needelpoint reading this and encouragement from two of three is what started me doing a cross stitch which I am sure I have not done exactly right. But I love this blog. I will attempt one of her monthly projects called a twinchy it is the perfect craft at work project!

It's lunch time and I am hungry. So I will blog at you all later! Hugs

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Annie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I have been out in the garden all day today, as the sun has been shining. I have posted some new garden pics.