Monday, October 27, 2008

Recessionista, Who me?

I was reading the NY Times online in a vain attempt to understand what is going on with the stock market. When my ADD kicked in and I notice an article "A Label for a Pleather Economy" this article was about finding things like the designers fashions but at a cheaper cost. Because of the recession.

It make sense to try to find a way to still be fashionista with less money.

I was recently in a Simons Mall and they have up scaled the stores in it. For the first time in my life I saw a Micheal Kors Store. The sales girl told me that it was a lifestyle store. Fill with some of Micheal Kors favorite items. Shoes, Handbags, Watches and a lot of other accessories. I fell in love with this bag.
Its only $348.00

I began a search for a look a like. A Patent Pleather should be easy to find.

So this article in the NY Times is right in line. As the article continues I find that there is a recession chic movement. "Mary Hall started a blog to chronicle her cheap and chic choices."

This mean that I have been a Recessionista all my life. Everything I buy is on sale and if I cannot buy it I make it. It has always been just the simple for me. I have learn this way of shopping from my mother. Who always had the current designer clothing but never and I must state this clearly NEVER paid designer prices.

When she died some of her clothing still had the price tags on them. The price mark downs were amazing. She always bought a new suit each year so it was not surprising to find a new suit hanging in the closet at the time we were clearing her closet. What was amazing was it was a $400.00 designer suit that was marked down to $60.00. A beautiful silk dress price at $160.00 marked down to $20.00.

I have never been quite that successful in my finds. So far this year best buy was when i was in Kentucky and they had and Talbots outlet I acquire 3 pairs of pants for 35.00. When each pair was regular priced at $50.00 each. That was pretty good.

As the article continues it becomes a lesson in the play on words to get people to do something that they currently are not doing. BUY! Used examples of the Sears Catalog from 1930 the beginning of the great depression. Phrases like smart and thrifty with coat priced of $9.75 to $25.00. 1987 Stock market crash designers came out with lower price line of RTW

Then the article continues it study of the word recessionista and how just adding ista to the end of the word give it a more positive outlook.

I like clothes, I love fashion. I buy when I can but MK I will not spend more on a handbag that I plan on carrying in that bag. So I will find one similar for a whole lot less. If that makes me a recessionista so be it. Because for me it just the way I was taught to shop.

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