Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Its possible, not probable.

I went to my doctor appointment today and He explained the procedure for getting rid of the polyp. It's a simple D and C with hyperscopy ( not sure of the spelling). Then I explain that I did not want the ablation because my husband and I would still like to have a child.

Please note when I explained this to the nurse who put me in the room to wait for the doctor she looked at my chart twice before replying "your 46!" As if my age was not known to me. I told her I was 41 when I got married and its 5 years later. If I was 21 when I got married and it was 5 years later and decided to have a child that makes sense doesn't it. So I got started late in life. She decided that I was a saint and bowed as she left the room.

The doctor when on to explain the reason why this prospect was improbable. He asked how were my cycles before this constant bleeding problem started. "You could create a calendar based on my cycles" he nodded his head, he asked if my husband had any children. " Yes from a previous marriage " he nodded his head and said you have a slight chance but is not probable.

He then went on to explain that all the stars in Hollywood have babies late in life were on some type of fertility treatment. Or they egg is not their but the sperm may be the husband or may not be and my ADD kicked him totally blanked on what he was saying. Smiled and nodded and said I understand.

I left the office and went to big lots and then to Micheal's and then I went home. I am not sure how 2 hours past but that is what I remember. I explained it all to my husband and he said its not impossible so lets give it a try.

So forward we will go.


familyoftwo98 said...

I keep telling you about the great aunt who had her FIRST child at 50! In the 50's WITHOUT drugs! So screw the doctor it is probable. Plus you can always do Clomid if you wanted too. I like that your doctor is honest...but really a little optimistic!f

Kami said...

Ok, I'm the pessimist.

Hi! I'm here via Family Of Two. It is extremely rare to have a child at 46 without someone else's (younger) eggs. It seems more likely because it is often a secret. I know a lady IRL right now who is having her second child at 43 with donor eggs, but isn't going to tell anyone.

No harm in trying though. If you are in a hurry, just talk to an RE and get a work up - then you will have more information. I did DE at the ripe old age of 39 (also perfect, regular cycles - even got pregnant 3 times), but I think we were in worse shape because we also had a sperm issue.

Feel free to visit my blog and check out our journey. It was really, really hard for me to move to donor egg; but we have a kid now after 6 years of trying so it was worth it.

Good luck to you however you get to that baby!

BTW, sorry for the "assvice" it is my nature.

Oh, I like to crochet too, but am not very skilled. Will be lurking / posting here and there if you don't mind.

Lavon said...

That is fine with Me Kami and I will check out your blog as well.

Thanks so much.