Thursday, February 5, 2009

Polyester of yesteryears.

The skirt I was working on yesterday looks good. I am very pleased with what I accomplished. I used the sloper that I created enabled me to create this pencil skirt so that it fits exactly as I want it to fit.

The fabric is a double knit polyester that looks good and will keep me warm in the winter. Which is the reason I used this material. I have several pieces of this material that was gifted to me. I took them because the prints are retro but I love them. The color is black white and yellow. I still have some hand sewing to complete on the waistband and the hemline. I should have that done over the weekend and will have pictures on saturday.

I am also in the process of making a second pencil skirt in a red and white plaid print. This fabric is also a double knit polyester. When I cut this fabric I almost forgot to add the seam allowances.

If I continue on this current sewing trend, by the end of this month I should have all the polyester of yester years sewn and ready to wear.

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Betty Rubble said...

Can't wait to see pictures.