Thursday, February 19, 2009

Boring life.

Yesterday I should have gotten my parking pass for the new location. But I forgot! So I decided that I will make a special trip to get it today. The line was extremely long yesterday so today should be better.

I planned to be there at 8:00am but I got up late. I did make it there a little after 9:00am.
I got the permit ,caught the bus home, had the RX for Provera filled made it back home and then waited for the repair guy come to fix the bathroom sink.

I had prepped the sewing studio to finish up some the repair jobs that I had started but I know I do not actually start sewing until after 8:00pm. That is the assigned time each day. Some days it happens some days it does not. Today I am under contract to finish the dress pants because that will put $10.00 in my pocket. My customer needs them Sunday.

I finally did find the right kind of terry cloth to use for the back of the bibs. When I went to the fabric store I was discouraged by the roughness of the terry cloth fabric. So I was very happy when I found the terry cloth knit fabric. It much softer and I can see it being use to wipe a baby face and not the regular stuff. So I pre washed that fabric last night so when I am finish with the pants I can finish the baby bids that I have promised.

I received samples of my fabric designs, I love them but not greatly happy with them. I need to work on working with I also have been searching for 2 days for the design that I had created 3 years ago. I have contact several screen printer in the area and they were all out of my price range and I would have had to order by the bolt of fabric not the yard. I am trying to recreate the image but its foggy in my mind. It was a cartoon drawing of me. I loved it and stitched it on to a white canvas bag that I made which I also cannot find. I have too much junk. But I am sure to find it this weekend not sure why this weekend would be any better than any other but hope spring eternal.

Tomorrow pictures.

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