Saturday, February 14, 2009

Inseam of 23

Some people are just short. My husband is tall,inseam 34 inches. My brother in law is short, inseam 23 inches.

When men dress pants are not hemmed the inseam is anywhere between the measurement of 34 to 36 you just measure, cut and sew if the man is tall. If the man is short you must measure cut and taper and then sew.

If you do not taper the width of the leg of the pants then the pants when worn look like full leg pants. Great for women, not so much for men and it makes them look shorter. Men's dress pants have a taper to them so when making adjustments for short men you must remember to taper the pantlegs.

If you forget and complete the pants without tapering them then you will be removing the hand sewn hem, then taper the pants to the correct width and resew the hem by hand.

This took 2 hours too long. Grief!

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