Sunday, February 22, 2009

3 blogs in one.

I had planned to get on the computer on Friday night but that did not happen so I planned for Saturday. I need to stop planning things and just do them so tonight at 11:25 you get 3 blogs at one time.

Friday's Blog

This was the day when everything was to be officially known concerning our jobs. Amazingly enough no announcement was made regarding anything. S and the director went to lunch and she was informed that all was just speculation. Just talk about all different options and how they would effect the running of the department and any changes that may take place probably will not happen until middle or end of march. I believe I am stating it too simply but that is what I get out of it.

I have decided that I am going to carry on as if we are going to the new location until some formal announcement is made to say differently. I have my parking hang tag, and I have signed up or the general orientation so I will get the proper ID that will work in the hospital.

I am not mad at my friend S and I have decided that I not mad at the director but I am very disappointed that he felt it necessary to say anything because of what he said it caused an unnecessary rift between me and S. What other management and supervisor could not achieve he almost successfully did!

At the end of the work day I was emotionally exhausted and all I wanted to do was blow my whole paycheck and go shopping! I took my hubby out to dinner and then we went to Burlington , Target and Kmart. I bought some socks but nothing more just walking through the stores help me a great deal. We still got home before 10:00. Finally I settled on the sofa to watch some old time tv program, I remember the Green Hornet! I wish I could be a kid again and sit and watch my favorite after school show or saturday morning cartoons. The responsiblity of job and work politics left for mom and dad to deal with.

Saturday! I thought I had the flu, I could not stop coughing, my throat felt like it was going to close up because of being so sore. Hubby kept saying get up , get up! I did not even bother to say a word but I also did not get up.

When I attempted to change my position in the bed my pinky toe nail got caught in the cover and it felt like I ripped the nail off. Todd came and looked at and yes I did pull the nail from the nail bed. So I got up and showered and dressed. My cousin had a beauty salon so I went to her. She did not have peroxide but why she thought alochol was a good subsititute is beyond me. Finally after much screaming and hitting of Todd she was finished. Cut it down to the cuticle, it should grown back fine. When I made it back home i put antibotic cream on it and bandage it up and took 3 Motrin and went back to bed.

I got nothing done, no sewing, no blogging, no sleeping. Just laying in bad with a throbbing pinky toe.

Sunday, nothing to blog about for sunday, except you cannot put stocking on a painful pinky toe!

Monday I will have my bibs done and have some pictures to post.

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