Saturday, April 18, 2009

Great Weekend to go out and play!

Well the weather is beautiful the sun is shining bright and it warm enough to wear a spring time dress without a jacket.

I was stuck in today because I did not want to exacerbate an allergy battle that I am already dealing with. I really do not feel sick, there is no fever but my voice sounds like a frog, from coughing and sneezing and nasal drips. I am taking my allergy med and nasal spray and a throat spray for the sore throat but usually I get worst at the end of the day.

Around 4:00 Sweet Hubby insisted that I get out ever if it is just for a drive so we fill up the gas take and went for a drive down 22 we got as far as Blairsville before deciding to turn around. We did not stay strictly on 22 because every time we saw a sign advertising a new housing plan we drove through it. I did enjoy it of course I did not bring my camera so not pics to share.

Everyone have a great weekend and enjoy the sun!

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