Monday, April 13, 2009

Major Pain--- Headache Pain

Yes this is exactly how I felt over the weekend!

I am sorry for not blogging over the last few day. I deal with migraines and they make me feel all sorts of ways. Majority of them are just plain evil. So as to not offend my friends I just cut all connections until I can be human again.

Today I am partially human Tomorrow I will be better but right now I am making a few phone calls and then I am going to bed.

Hugs to everyone and just a note AF came and ruin my weekend and the headache was just icing on the evil cake!

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Betty Rubble said...

You can never offend me...unless you tell me I'm too old, or that Barney is just a mean old jack ass...but aside from that we get along fairly well...and when we don't...well you can always stand at my window and ask if you can come in :)

Feel better!