Friday, April 3, 2009

No longer in a scheduling room

I recently took a position in our clinic as an OR Scheduler. Basically it's a data processing job. If you can count and you can type you can do this job.

What you do in the morning is key into the computer all the reservations for surgery. They are called reservations because we are just reserving places on the schedule for them they are not guaranteed. If an emergent case come in you can lose your reservation. This is the reason everyone gets a call on the night before the surgery to find out what time they need to come in.

Once clinic is open and the dr begans seeing patient they come to me to reserve a place for them. I have a list of the next available dates and times. As I give someone a reservation I change the amount of time left to reserve based on a the time it takes to complete a procedure.

Even though it sound basic the challenging part come when there are more than just one Dr in clinic. It can be a little confusing but so far all errors have be caught before any scheduling difficulty. Or at least I think and hope that is the case.

I have daily interaction with all sorts of people and I like it to a degree. There is very little if any downtime. But hopefully once I master what I am doing I can create some downtime.

Betty starts her new job on Monday which is great and I wish her the best. L, is very happy and stress free in her new office. The doctors hang around clinic a lot becasue the administrative office have moved to the new location.

With all they has been going on I actually forgot about the fabric sale this year! Is that amazing or what. If I had not taken the time to read a couple emails It would have come and gone. So even though I have no money for it I am still going to go and hang out and become inspire by all the creative people in one space.

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